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Middeburg Catfish Club

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Trevor Blue 57#
Trevor was stocked on June 10th 2011
Trevor age 7 that has his hand on this huge blue cat also weighs 57#

Trevor Blue was caught 7 / 29 / 2011 mid-day on cherry flavored shrimp

7 / 30 / 2011


August 17th 39.8# Shovelhead Catfish

Middleburg Hillside Fish Farm 
& Recreation Private Club

9779 Township Road 29
East Liberty, Ohio 43319

(Use Google map to see the Ponds!)

Located 1/2 way between Bellefontaine, Oh and Marysville, Oh. Just a few miles off U.S. Route 33.
At the west edge of Middleburg, Oh on road 153 west, turn south on Township Road 29, go 1 mile, located on North side of road.

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These Big Fish are shown on videos on the next folder. The video shows 1,300#.
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These fish are shown on video in the next folder, this load was 6,000#

I have enjoyed fishing all my life, the first money I ever saved up as a small child was $6.00 to buy a zebco 202 fishing real from the local hardware store, back in 1963 which I used at Kiser Lake that we could walk to if we went through all the woods, crossed the railroad tracks and made a day of it.  My dad enjoyed fishing and most of our vacations had some fishing envolved. Once old enough to have a place of my own, I started building by first little ponds back in 1978. Pay lakes were gaining popularity with the huge shovelhead and blue catfish. My friends and I enjoyed traveling to these pay lakes and bring the big fish back to my tiny ponds.

The next place I moved to was Belle Center stone quarry which had been shut down for many years and had 5 acres of water with steep rock cliffs. I started my first private fishing club by adding the large shovelhead catfish to this quarry that was loaded with huge smallmouth bass.

In 1996 I purchased a piece of land from my brothers dairy farm where he had built two ponds previously and are past 20 years old now. I built on this location and immediately build a large pond we call the Bottom pond and filled all the ponds not only with shovelhead, blues, but 12,000# of channel cats, 300 saugeye, bass, bluegills, perch, pike, shad and carp. The Bottom Pond is about 16 feet deep as is the pond beside the house and I added an adjoining pond to these two oldest ponds, making for a total of four ponds all of which the water flows through from springs and run off from the land on up hill from us.

I then build two small bait ponds along the driveway, making for a total of six ponds. In 2010 we were able to purchase 21 acres beside us and built what we call the New Ponds.

I will start going back through the many old pictures and attempt to piece together the history of making of these ponds as a way to give the fishermen a better idea of the structure of these ponds so they can make a game plan on how to improve their chances at catching a huge fish.

Note, keep checking back to see many pictures on the pond building!

THE NEW PONDS 2010 (early pictures)


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We have stocked over 20,000# of channel catfish and well over 6,000# of shovelhead / blue catfish over the past 15 years and they reproduce! All fish are catch & release only; so each year the fishing gets better!



          Jeremy 29# Blue Cat

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