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This website is about 20 years old and approx. every 5 years I have had to make it over from scratch due to the hosting software changes etc. Each time I rebuild; it changes allot, Jan 2020 I had to start over from scratch and for the first time video was very easy to use. The website was going great for 3 months and then the host had major issues with the sight builder software and had fatal failures and waiting three months on them; I eventually stopped wasting my time and when the hosting package expired at the end of 2020 I decided to change to a new host.  Starting Sunday April 4th a full year of not being able to edit my website, I am finally starting over from scratch.

I will attempt to save the work from 2020, but I am afraid some of the video will be lost, time will tell. So through – out the rest of 2021 I will be restoring this website and making allot of new pages and ideas for 2021. 15+ years ago this website was gigantic and will always have more information than most people are interested in. 

Today April 4th 2021 (Easter) in America, we had 20 degree weather just 2 days ago. Today the creek is still very cold and we were installing a field tile through a piece of swampy ground–for the fun of it, I will give a few pictures to remember the day this website was set – free to be rebuilt.

1. The ice – cold creek we were draining the swamp into had a ‘rare’ treat; eels. There were schools of eels laying eggs in there icy cold / shallow water. 50 years ago when I was playing in a larger creek, I found large schools of large eels, called lamprey eels that swim up rivers into small creeks to lay their eggs. I have never seen those eels ever again and today, I have never seen these type of adult “miniature’ eels. So I consider finding fresh water eels a very ‘rare’ discovery. 

(Miniature Adult Eel Video) 

Eels Swimming

Will someone ‘research” the correct name of these spring mating season, cold water Eels. These Eels are laying eggs in ice – cold water! I find that amazing! I have played in creeks my entire life and this is the first time I have ever seen this specie. This creeks dry 1/2 the year and flows flows into river called The Little Darby, which flows eventually to the Ohio River and down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Installing a drain through a swamp into a creek that is not as deep as the swamp can be a muddy mess. Walking / working in deep mud makes boots weigh heavy with mud and also want to slide off into the mud as you bring your leg up out of the mud. For these reasons, I prefer to be barefoot, especially if there is water to wash the mud off. In this case the mud was about 2 feet deep. My feet is not bothered by the cold water / mud and I am able to dig with a shovel barefoot. I am fairly sure not too many people, especially my age that can work in deep / cold mud or go barefoot in very cold water and not many can dig dirt with a shovel while barefoot. 


Today felt warm due to heavy chem – trail jets none stop spraying the atmosphere for the past few days. With out the chem- trail jets, the temperature was 20 degrees just 48 hours earlier; today it was 70 degrees. With heavy massive world – wide spraying, they can raise the temperature as much as 50 degrees above normal. I have watched “My Skies” for 30+ years and long ago made a book and 2 – hour video education showing how they have controlled and create global warming by design since 1949 and have mastered weather control. The advanced education covers many subjects that affects Longevity. They are now predicting 80 degrees for April 7th and just 1 week ago it was 20 degrees . The power of as fleet of military jets have the ability to drag weather around the world and they have from day 1–created what the Fake News calls Global Warming. With out these jets, April 7th would be in the 20’s and not 80 degrees. Understanding your environment is essential to our survival.

Today’s weather control pics above my house:


Every day of life is an Education, we learn as we adapt and it will always be survival of the “fittest. This entire website will cover the subject of longevity. Our longevity depends on how aware we are of all the bad that wants our lives shortened. Most people have no clue they were born on a battlefield of germ and chemical warfare. Fewer realize how bad parasites and poisons truly are. 




(to be continued)