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All methods, herbs and products and content has not been tested or approved by California Prop 65, fda, ftc., medical / health sources of any type and is strictly opinions and theories. ALL names, labels and suggested use, is not regulation/ label compliant, home-made and for private / non- public use only! Not for Resale.

Every human is at a different degree of health and “fear”. The eyes and the ears are the false profits, unless your teacher is 100% true. Nature is the only non-corruptible teacher that never changes. Every human / mammal is as healthy as their ability to make use of their air, food and energy and their elimination organ’s health to be capable of removing all waste.

All proper human foods are herbs and all good herbs are foods. All herbs and foods unless fresh picked and eaten within a few minutes, will be dead, other than their seeds. Consuming 1 food or 1 herb or 1 of anything, forces the body and blood stream to react. The body / blood works to maintain perfect balance and using foods and herbs to force the body to respond in a specific direction would be a form of self- applied manipulation of your blood / organs and functions. Reading old herbal doctor books such as Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. Shook, The German Blue Book of Herbs and many many other herbal books supplies theories and beliefs on how to use herbs as natural medicines. No two people will be alike. All use of foods and herbs to force a response from the body is adult self-exploration only!. Only experienced parents can choose what foods and herbs to feed their children.

All ill health is a form of constipation (loss of circulation) somewhere within the body. Parasites are a universal problem in life. All good foods / herbs should lead to better health. The human body is made of human cells, sun energy, sun minerals, air / water, and not totally from what we eat. We are what we believe we should be, more than all else. Education makes or breaks a person’s beliefs. False education is the worse tragedy in all people’s lives. All life on earth is a creation of God and God provides “each” specie’s requirements and Nature insures that all that obey; will be rewarded and all that disobey will experience a shortened lifespan, by way of parasites and less health.

Old medical believed no man should weigh more than 165 pounds of weight. Most adults’ weigh more than medical standards and all excessive weight is a form of ill health to some degree. Our bones should be germ and metal free. Heavy metals, accumulated undigested foods, salt / chemicals, poor habits and bad diets end up causing people to be over weight or under weight. Under weight and unhealthy is worse than being over weight and unhealthy. Too Thin and Too Fat were the subject of good medical books and proper health is always proper weight. The human body desires to be perfect weight and perfect design. The blood stream seeks to keep the body repaired to its original design and this is why mother’s health should be superior while pregnant and when nursing. The child’s first years of nutrition and avoiding of toxic substances is most vital for proper development of the brain and strong bones / teeth and body. We cannot have better health than our ancestors, unless we live a proper diet and habit; corrective lifestyle.

Mammals are born with parasites, but as immunity is loss, parasites become a greater health problem. Parasites are more a result of bad diet, environment and bad habits than all else. Accumulated non-digested foods feed enormous amounts of worms, bacteria and viruses in the body. Fungus forever waiting to consume all life. The great doctors always stated that the sun on the bare skin is the greatest treatment to restore human health and a health book is of no value if it ignores diet, habits and poisons. Supplements, vitamins, drugs cannot cure anything; all they can do is force the human blood stream to respond. All proper foods will be of “organic” size minerals and will be the sweet fruits of the trees, vines and bushes as well as all herbs form plants and trees. Tree fruits being superior source.

Common use of herbs has their greatest value as calcium rich herbs, anti-parasite herbs, cleansing (expelling / dissolving) and pro circulation. Pro health increases your circulation while loss of health decreases your circulation. The Orange Juice Doctors proved that in just 14 days of Orange Juice Fasting Clinic that a human can have as much as 5x more red blood cells. Medical 70+ years ago agreed with these Orange Juice Fasting Doctors that the Increase in red blood cells, was in fact, the real cure; because the human blood is the only true cure.

Always; the blood must take care of all the body’s needs and never should a human find them selves seeking organs / drugs that manipulate the functions of the human body, because once your dependent on an outside source, your organ(s) stop making and doing what they were designed to do. All great medical Doctors such as Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson learned to put down the knife and drugs and treat with orange juice and food / habit education as the true cure. I suggest that with the use of herbs, the orange juice fasting can be 10x easier and 10x better. Each human needs to understand the environment they live in and seek to avoid the toxic things and learn healthier-less toxic methods and make their home their castle where they feel safe and healthy.

  • Warning: All adults that are allergic to anything or dependent on drugs or substances should not use foods, herbs or methods they have not first educated themselves with and ideally find the best chiropractor in their area and see him every 30 days or less and tell him everything about their health and his monthly examination can guide you to making better choices or decide if you require professional health care. A good chiropractor can answer most your health questions and direct you to medical doctors in your area when you are in doubt. Herbs and natural methods are not for everyone. This website information is only ideas and theories for adult use only. By going further you have agreed that this website does not diagnose or treat, replace or answer personal health concerns. “All” information is for “general” description only and never personal.

Ask any Gorilla

Dr. John R. Christopher suggested your best natural teacher would be Any Gorilla. The Gorilla’s answers would be from Nature and follow God’s Design for each specie. The Gorilla is rarely going to give a human an answer they like. This website seeks to follow the theories of Dr. Christopher, Hay, Jackson, Shook, Sitting Bull, Huggins, and many other late authors of all great past medical and herbal books. It is the belief of the Barefoot Herbalist that we live in a time that we can learn from all the late great health authors and that no human alive today, fully understands true health, due to parasite and heavy metal accumulations that makes for a toxic / ill body. We must deal with what we were given and we all can live better by way of better choices.

Names and Faces are not important, the Gorilla Represents this web site best. “Self-Applied” Prevention means just that! Your best chiropractor will be male and at least 50 years old and even that does not guarantee he is any good. A good chiropractor should be your best source for professional guidance for “you”. This website is not about “you” or “me”, Only you know your life, no one else can, you and you alone make all your choices and you are responsible for your daily life. If you do not want to read about how you can live better, then this website is not for you.You can read 2 hours overnight for the rest of your life and never learn all medical has studied about human longevity. It is my belief that anyone can reach a point that they need not read again, because at they point they understand Nature is their only teacher and know that for every wrong thing we do, we will be judged instantly and justly, because we are no healthier than our last breath of air.

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