Camping / Fishing

Camping with an option of Fishing

Prior to the “smart” phones, fishing was very popular in my area; when the smart phones became affordable for all, almost over night, fishing, almost became a thing of the past. the smart phones have changed life. Few people fish the lakes and streams anymore and if they try, their phones will not leave them alone. Many still try camping or getting away from the cities, but their phones often consume their time. For the ones that are traveling through and want to spend a night camping or relax and do some fishing, the boys offer a unique, your own private pond that you can park or camper or pitch a tent or stay in an Amish built single room cabin.

May 8th 2021 seeking to catch a bass for a prom picture, after 5 cast a nice Shovel head catfish. A 30#+ fish of any type is fun to catch, but in the pond in this picture there are approx. a dozen Shovel head Catfish that are 50+ pounds that have not been caught for 15+ years. I purchased 20,000+ pounds of channel catfish  20+ years ago as “food” for the Shovel heads and the fish in the picture can eat a 10# channel cat. Each year there have been fewer and fewer channel catfish, even though the pond has carp, shad, bluegill, saugeye, pike, yellow perch, crappie, clams, and bluegill & bass for food. I used 125 # test braided ocean string and very large shark hooks last year and using 2# live carp for bait on a trot line, they broke the 125# test string. It is hard to tell how large 50# catfish  have grown in the past 20 years with all the food they could want. They can easily eat a 5# fish for bait.










Now May 1st is the time for Bucket Mouths

May 15thLarge Mouth Bass laid their eggs








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