Chaga Mushroom


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Wild Harvested Chaga Mushrooms

Superior Chaga Mushroom must be Coarse “cold” Ground Powder same day as harvest for Tea use and for herbal making the dried coarse powder is then further “cold” ground into a “FINE” Ground Powder! The Chaga obtains its medical qualities from the white birch tree and takes approx. 25 years to maturity. Sadly commercial chaga products may be raised in stainless steel tanks and be of no health value. Only “Wild” harvested Chaga is real and rare! Many herbs / essential oils have been mass produced synthetically starting by the 1920’s.

Chaga Mushrooms grow in extreme Northern cold climates on white birch forest. Some people suggest as few as 5 mushrooms per 10,000 trees. Often tree climbing equipment is required to climb as high as 30 feet to harvest the mushroom. These forest are in remote areas and some hunters suggest areas where the Chaga is high, may be because Bigfoot harvest them.

Wild Chaga Mushroom must be “cold” Coarse Ground Powder same day as harvest! This is used for Tea making. For Herbal Making, this Coarse Powder must be “cold” Fine Ground Powder! The greatest book explains there is no wrong way to consume Chaga Mushroom and the tea can be quite tasty when properly made and superior when additional longevity herbs are added. For Longevity and Herbal making, “cold” processed Fine ground powder is a must. Chaga Mushroom can be used internally and externally. When starting with fine ground powder; many different cold processed herbal products can be created.




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