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www.barefootherbalistmh.com was created 20+ years ago when there was only 1 other website in Europe using the name “Barefoot”.


Every year for the past 10 years, I have deleted videos, books and information to the point 99% has been erased, the era of digital has failed in my opinion.



The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M.H 108 (the “first” Barefoot Herbalist Website on the internet) 

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The 8 Orange Cure – All


Adult fresh – water eel

Adult Eels


Yarrow is very easy to find and the young shoots appear in April. David Christopher, son of the late Dr. John R. Christopher grew up in the herbal world and I asked him what his favorite of all herbs was and he told me Yarrow. Yarrow is a fantastic herb to increase  circulation and can her used in the bathtub water or all methods of herbal forms. 

Horsetail / Shave Grass grows in sandy / gravel, damp / wet soil. It grows wild all around my property and it one of the top beneficial herbs in the herbal world. Science suggest this is an ancient plant, it surely is very “unique’. These are the early spring “Males”. They appear quickly, release endless ‘spores” that cover the ground and then they all die fast. Instantly the females rise out of the ground and collect the spores in their leaves. The Male Plants live underground approx. 350 days a year. I have never seen these in herbal books, while the female plants are very famous, very beneficial to human health. My property has them everywhere. 

I have a lot of Peppermint, the plants above ground die off in the snow and leave dead leaves as a natural insulation.

Today I pulled off the dead plants and you can see the new growth appearing.

Mullein loves rocky / poor soil. It lives two years and has flowers / seeds the second summer. This plant will stay green through out the winter, unless it stays extremely cold for a long period. Mullein as an herb has many uses, in pre modern times, it was a natural toilet paper type herb, people smoked it for congestion and is one of the top lung congestion herbs I used for making what i call “Air Restore” Tincture.

Black Berries have been highly modified to be thornless and can have super large fruit. Black Berries in general are only sweet when very ripe. Some plants can have as much as 20 pounds of fruit per season. The Wild / Natural plants can tolerate normal weather, while the hybrids can be plagued with worms and can 100% freeze out. People prefer the much sweeter Raspberries and the birds do also. In recent years the Black Berry has gotten a reputation as anti cancer herb. The Black / Purple fruits of the vine and tree can be high in natural Potassium. Potassium helps balance / reduce salt and can result in less disease.

Comfrey Plants are amazing and also known as Bone Knit. The best mineral / calcium rich herb that is the secret to the success of the Bone / Flesh & Cartilage formulas. Not native to America, but does very well once started. Goat farmers are known to keep comfrey plants where their goats can eat freely as a sickness prevention herb. Organic Gardeners grow comfrey as a fertilizer source, due to the fast growing plants with very deep roots cane be cut multiple times per summer and spread on the garden soil to increase organic mineral content. The leaves are very strong first thing in the spring and suggested to use them for fertilizer and collect the second growth, otherwise commercially it is the roots that are famous. Once dried herbs loose some of their potency and since Herbal Comfrey is always sold dry, there is never a problem with its use—BUT since Dr. John R. Christopher made several herbs extremely famous, the ‘world” did all they could to discredit the best of the best herbs, of which comfrey is a truly prized herb that i would never want to be with out.

The internet supply endless information which is all opinions and often used to scare people away from Self-Applied health and herbs that have allot of health history. When you want the best herbal information, use the internet as a reference, but if you want truthful history, read the books written by the herbal doctors that made those herbs famous.

Spearmint makes an herbal tea that state exactly like double spearmint gum, mixed with a little peppermint makes for  near perfect ice tea. There is one mint that is suppose to be similar to Spearmint, but better yet, last fall I was able to obtain a sample of roots of that extremely rare mint and that is my experiment for a 2021 summer tea.

Garlic is one of the oldest / historical herbs with endless uses. One of the most “unique” books ever written about cancer treatment in Japan, used garlic in ways you would not believe. That book and many more have been part of the School of “Self-Applied” Prevention for a very long time. You would have to read the book to even begin to believe it and he has many pictures to prove his methods. I have been raising Elephant Garlic for 20+ years and the man that gave be a few plants had been raising it for 40+ years. it can be harvested each year or permitted to grow wild and live fine on its own. I have 20 year old plants that have never been harvested. The average gardener plants garlic each year. 

Horse Radish is another hardy herb that most every gardener use to raise, this is an amazing herb that can be used as a food source and an essential herb used in making the best all purpose healing formulas.

Echinacea is commonly used for its roots, I like the flowers as well. Often used for children’s immune building formulas and the old stories as a Snake Bite Elixir in the old days. One famous herbal doctor liked drinking a 2 ounce tincture bottle once every 3 months as an Immune Booster. There are several old herbal books that will teach everything they know about these great herbs, I personally do not trust much on the internet about herbal use today. The best books were written pre 1950.

The Dandelions are up thick now, believe me, back in the old days that you lived wild and free, after a long cold winter of eating dry meat and sickly by spring, you would love to eat handfuls of this free food that aids in the cleaning of the blood stream. Just because an herb is abundant, does not make it worth less in human health—but all the authors pushing commercial herbs, almost always ignore some of there best herbs, may of which can easily be garden raised.

Honeysuckle use to be very common long ago, the is a plant taken from a plant that was nearly 100 years old. The real Honeysuckle is hard to obtain today, this flowering vine can be smelled from far away and one of the finest flowers you can ever smell. Every bee will come to harvest this flower. When I asked the largest producer of steam distilled essential oils on earth if they had any essential oils they believed was equal or better than Wild Oregano; they told 2 common plants, of which I have both with 50 feet of my house, of which Honeysuckle was 1 of the 2. I have many gallons of this essential oil because those that know the truth, put this herb in the top 3 of all essential oils.

Yellow Dock grows all over my property, it loves water, known as the iron herb, this very common herb never gets the respect it deserves. The Iron Formula surely one of Dr. Christopher’s great formulas that have been long forgotten. one study showed that the only thing all mass murders had in common, was their imbalanced iron.

I have raised Aloe for 40 years, it has so many herbal / food uses. My mother gave me her green house my dad purchased 20+ years ago and these plants will find their new home in the fiberglass green house once I get its set up.

Even though this green house is 20+ years old, we were about to pick it up and put on a trailer and bring it home. This is a 100% FIBERGLASS greenhouse. Ideally it is set down in dirt 6 inches and will never rot and is very strong. 


Goji Berry Bush

The pink flowering trees are Peach Trees and the white flowering tree is a Pear Tree. This April 20th, we are expecting snow all night and on and off snow for the next week. When i was a kid, there were apple orchards everywhere! Thanks to Chem Trail Military Global Warming, they raise the winter weather 30-50 degrees by filling the skies with aluminum and titanium dioxides to trap the heat and control all weather year around. This spraying not only poisons all life on earth, they create abnormally warm winters and then on the days they do not spray, the temperature can drop 30-50 degrees. We have had hot weather that always tricks the trees and plants to flower early and then when they allow a few days of natural weather, they kill the flowers every year and as a result all the apple orchards have been gone for 20+ years.

“If” they shut the chem trail jets down, we would still be experiencing winter weather in the 20’s and none of the plants shown above, would have green or be flowering. This spraying started in 1949 to date and they 100% create Global Warming in attempt to control an ice age period. By 1992 they added chemicals to affect the thyroid health of every mammal on earth, in an effort to reduce human populations world wide. During the arial atmospheric spraying, we have had air conditioning on, wearing tea shirts and boating / fishing. In the morning we will be shoveling snow. “IF” they would stop spraying us unwanted bugs, this planet would be ‘freezing”, The human body is loaded with these heavy metals and there are ways to remove some of it and will be just 1 of the many educations deeper into this website.

April 21st

The lower box is the tall Horseradish shown in the picture 1 day earlier!


Pear, Apple & Peach Trees, year after year do not survive the weather manipulation. The hardwood trees have been prematurely dying for many years due to fungus that grows due to lack of enough sunshine, thanks to weather manipulation started in 1949.


Bluegill fish eating floating food, in mid 20’s temperature.

The interesting thing is a breed of Bluegill Fish I obtained last Spring, these panfish have babies all summer long, even when they them selves are just months old and less than 1/2 grown. I have never seen such a “Hardy” fish. More amazing is how they eat in cool / cold water. The normal bluegill and other species that will eat  commercial fish feed, will not eat until warm weather. This bluegill has been eating for a few weeks and the 20 degree weather did not slow them down. 

Bluegill fish are generally not a commercial “food” fish, they have millions of babies that become food for the larger fish, including their own species that eats the majority of the eggs and baby fish. Yet, the common bluegill, often known as a pan size fish, is one of the best tasting fresh water species found in the wild. I have built ponds for 40 years and have not eaten a pond fish for 30 years, but if I was to, the Bluegill would be one of the best. Commercially they want larger fish, such as catfish & perch that can be trained to eat commercial feed and certainly most salmon and trout sold today are all commercially farm raised. This particular bluegill, when fed, can grow to adult size in one year, this far North, which is surprising to me. 

Snow, Sleet, Frost makes the fruit trees near impossible.

Playing with Wood (a)

Playing with Wood (b)

Playing with Wood (c)

April 25th

Crappies are a popular fish, I have read they can have up to a million eggs per year–I find that hard to believe, but Crappies grow very fast and very aggressive in the spring. When I was a child we seen a man have over 200 crappies on stringers at a local lake and my dad asked him how he caught them so easily and the guy showed us a jar of crappie eyes and explained when cleaning the fish, he saved the eyes for bait. My dad never fished for crappies and I was in my twenties before i caught my first crappie. They only eat live bait, so you never see crappie as a commercial food fish. All species of fish that must have live bait is far too expensive to raise to sale as a commercial food source. They say crappie taste very good, I have never tasted this specie.

April 26th


Geese are pretty to look at, if there are no dogs around, they can get too friendly and flocks of them will be very messy; to the point the state has in past years exterminated them around state lakes. Many people use to eat ducks and geese 100 years ago and still do in many other countries. Like most wild species in America, when it became unpopular to wear the fur or eat the meat—the species, most of them suffer from many different / deadly diseases and often become a nuisance specie and are often poisoned, trapped or hunted to reduce their populations. The common goose poop carries a worm that cycles through fish, so the Canadian goose is undesirable, but a few people still think they are ‘tasty”.

5 Schools

(40′.3″, First Place Sophomore / 16 years old,

playing with seniors weighing up to 100# more in size)

Wild Turkeys were reintroduced about 25 years ago, they were state raised tame turkeys not afraid of cars and humans and destroyed farmers fields of corn and soybeans. The turkeys would follow the farmers as they planted and scratch out the grain and eat it; that and with ears of corn, they would pull down ears of corn and take 1 peck and then move to the next ear of corn and repeat until fields were ruined. In most every case where species were exterminated, such a grizzly bears, eagles, wolves, rattle snakes, mountain lions, etc. it was for good reason and when the gov brings them back, they do harm in many ways and always end up diseased. In the case of turkeys, common house dogs and coyotes caught the gov raised super fat and lazy turkeys, but they eventually have became thick and easier to hunt every year. When I was a kid, there was no such thing as a “coyote”, now we are plagued with coyotes to the point that if you have chickens, the coyotes will never leave until they have killed them all—same with house cats and small dogs. Coyotes are a plague and a pack of coyote hunting dogs can find coyotes in every woods and every place, including living in towns. Coyotes in some areas have been known to attack humans and my brother had 2 large black and tan bear hunting dogs 30 years ago and a pack of coyotes hunted them down and killed them both. Those 2 dogs were strong enough to harm humans if so trained, but were no match for a pack of coyotes that wanted to eat them, my brother shot 4 of the coyotes, but it was too late, both dogs were all ready dead. Farmers 100+ years ago killed all the deadly animals, snakes and large predator birds–while in communist take over, the wild animals have more value than the humans do and the dangerous and harmful predators are protected and often have more rights than humans in various countries around the world. Often large man eating snake and crocs are protected, even if they have eaten humans.

Today they sprayed non stop and 9 am it is suppose to start raining; now that commercial crops are planted, they will control the weather / rain and come winter they will control all weather and they will brag that they can tell your weather 40 days in advance. The chemical fallout is Enormous! Today India has a large health break out and countries sending med help, a man told me that she sprayed India daily from 1960-63 for no other reason that there were too many old people. Germ / Chemical warfare has been active world wide before anyone today was alive. There are ways to self-protect. All global warming education has always been a lie. these jets have circled the planet and seek to collect the sun’s heat to warm up the earth, since 1949. With out these jets, my weather would be mid 20’s and snowing and not a hot 81 today. They spend hundreds of billions of $$$ to warm up the earth and control weather and populations.

Getting started, the foundation, is a layer of old wood chips i had from years ago raising Chickens! I have always liked Peat Moss. Eventually I will ad some dirt, what makes my little farm “unique” is that I built ponds on high ground and installed pipe 1/4 mile away  where water is 20 feet higher than this Green House and is all gravity fed or I can turn on a pump for increased pressure. This Water is from a pond what which is natural fertilizer rich in live bacteria and live “green” plant life.

This fiberglass green house is 20 years old, it will last your lifetime, dirt and water does not affect it. This one was free and I am setting it up a little late, but still early enough to have fun with it. I have had the common metal frame and plastic wrapped green houses and they are junk–the wind and sun destroys them. Having endless gravity fed pond water, makes the property the most ideal land to raise your own organic food and herbs. Comfrey, known as Bone Knit, is already blooming and can be cut down and used 4-5x every summer. Many years ago, I installed gravity fed irrigation and under ground electric all over the property; making it the best possible for raising organic food. A proper solo power station would make the property a step forward towards freedom, but a good solar system can easily cost $40,000.00+, so that most likely will not happen.

The purpose of putting a “black” plastic 55 gallon drum of water inside your green house is for the water to absorb the heat of the day and supply warmth through out the night. This drum of water can have ocean salts added, oregano oil, epsom salts, etc. and use as a water source for the plants. True Steam Distilled “Wild” Oregano Essential Oil is the world’s most useful herbal product; I surely have as much or more experience as any human on earth. This entire website will be the greatest source of proof that “real” Oregano Oil is a miracle product. I have alway; for 20+ years, suggested each person needs 1 quart of real / true oil for their lifetime. Starting with 2020, I suggest each adult needs 1-gallon for life use. Sadly most Oregano oil sold in North America is a synthetic made in labs and has zero Wild Oregano Herb in the chemical product. It takes allot of $$, time and luck to obtain True “Wild” Oregano Oil from the people that have the abilities to make True Herbal products, such as “true” essential oils of herbs. In the past 2-years, such things have became difficult more than normal and the cost goes up every month thanks to inflation and shipping. Those that would have taken my advice 20 years ago; would have saved a fortune. I am one of the largest collectors of real essential oils of herbs and specialize in True Oregano Oil and at any given time, I have lifetime supply for a small handful of people. I personally would never want less than 5 gallons. This website has more to offer, than any human will ever realize, many single books are worth more than an entire college education in my opinion.