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Read First (Disclaimer)

Pre modern cities / medical, the mother took care of the health of the family, she understood the local herbs and understood how to feed the family year around. Survival depended on their future children and total family health. When cities had walls and gates it was written that when there was an illness that a family / person did know how to treat themselves, they would set at the city gate and ask people if they “knew” of a cure? This website education will show that parasites are an end result of disease and that every creature on earth that disobey’s Nature’s Laws, will be punished equally and those that “learn” and apply Nature’s Laws can be rewarded equally. The idea of taking poisons when ill, makes no sense and anything consumed while ill, should be good when you’re healthy. All good foods and herbs should always been good. 

Actually all good foods for humans, are herbs of the tree, bush, vine and plant. By the mid 1800’s all of medical science proved by way of “organizing” all mammals by the type of teeth, saliva, stomach (s), intestinal length and pH; that humans can only properly eat, digest and eliminate sweet fruits of the tree / bush / vine. People that follow the Laws of Earth survive better than those that do not. All people are poisoned and plagued with parasites and loss of proper circulation, so in theory, all diets can benefit from learning from The School of “Self – Applied” Prevention. The key words being“Self – Applied” – each person must self-learn and apply to their daily life. 

Even though proper herbal use can be miraculous for some people, at best, herbs are 1/6th the solution in understanding Longevity. Most people will not even start to study herbal use until medical has given up on them and the majority will continue all their bad habits till the day they can not and succumb from a lifetime of toxicity. 

This website is not for those that believe and live their lives with the belief we all have to die of something anyway. 

This website is for those that enjoy living and exist to raise a healthy family.

It takes allot of work and handed down experience to raise a healthy family. The normal person has no clue that over 100 years ago germ and chemical warfare has never stopped or slowed down and results in hundreds of millions of deaths. After several generations of G / C Warfare a majority of people on earth are a result of toxic grandparents and parents, with each generation suffering as a result of world wide G / C Warfare. Germs and Chemicals poison the entire environment, but are just 2 of many man – made methods to depopulate the planet. Many very bad things we can not easily avoid, but we all can choose to live “better”.

Every human was born at a different degree of toxicity / parasites / poisons and each lives at a different degree of toxicity based on where they grew up, work and call home. Each person must save them selves, no one can do it for them and lazy people have already lost their battle and for that reason, children learn from their mistakes. No one can change another person. The number 1 mistake people make is to ask questions about their friends and family; if you must ask for another person, that is a sign that person is dependent upon you for their daily life and few to none are willing to donate their life to helping someone not willing to save their own life. A few doctors long ago suggested some people will try their best to rob you of your time, so you can not save yourself. There for it is each person primary job to save them selves, so they can save their family. If a person Believes and Trust God, then they know God has all lives in 100% control and everyone will experience what they are meant to experience. Never try to change a person, that is proof that you do not Trust God. Trust that God has all in control and that you are not God and your responsibility starts with your health and the family God gave you.

The City Gates

There are several reasons why you would stop at the gate way:

A. You’re sick and in search of information from passerby’s. 

B. Your kind and offer to listen (read) and see if you can offer your experience to the stranger. 

C. You’re a stranger seeking entry. 

A, B, or C applies to you.

There will be several password protected pages on this website. Just like any city, you can not just enter anywhere you please. I know from 20+ years experience there are only a few people seeking such an education from strangers. For example a Master Herbalist School started before I was born, are lucky to have 25 students any given year and 2/3 will be for other countries. Most people do not want to read and learn about all the things that lead to their family’s deaths, most want to just ignore their health and take the morphine highway home. Some medical long ago wrote that they believed that death on drugs such as morphine could be a very bad method. Yet, most people spend their last days are potent pain drugs. 

Each person in a free county use to be able to live and die as their choose—but over 100 years ago, world war started and never ended, it never even slowed down, today every breath of air is toxic by design and nothing about your life has been the truth, you are second, third generation deep in G / C Warfare and 100% of all toxicity leads to more and more parasites. The parasites have the job of removing all species that break earth’s laws. The human specie is the only specie that chooses to live against Nature.

WARNING: Only the strong

Seek to understand their health and Longevity and as they learn, they are self-applying as they go to prove to them selves what is truth for their life. Once you understand the truth, you will discover human health can be as simple as just obeying Nature and stop harming yourself. Do not be so silly as to believe all you need do is buy this or that or take as few of these and you will be cured, those are things brain washed people do and mass marketers prey upon. Only you know your life and few to none will ever tell the truth about them selves. Most do not even know enough truth to describe their own health status.

Just 1 example few people ever stop to consider

Birth control drugs according to Dr. Paul Hooley, M.D., do not prevent conception, he believed the drugs are toxic and kills the one day old baby. He wrote a book back in the 60’s for his church people warning them to not fall for such things, with the belief that murder is murder, no matter if 1 day old or 100 years old. Many such authors believed that everything a human does against Nature will be badly rewarded directly to them or their children and follow them after they die. I knew Dr. Hooley very well, I went to school with his children. All of his children went to medical college except his only daughter. One of his boys failed to become a M.D. and chose to take a 10 year gov job in Africa. He later explained to his dad that he was going to Africa to help with treatment of HIV / AIDS, but once he signed on for 10 years, he was trained to do the opposite. Dr. Hooley told me he was truly ashamed of his son. 

When people try to understand why they fell ill, most will never “think” about the large list of habits, diets and environment / work / home poisons in their lifetime that all ad up to create their total health. Those that do not care, start with over counter drugs, then prescription drugs, operations and spend time in hospitals and care facilities. A few will search for answers, solutions and they will try their best to live better.

The total website will have maybe hundreds of free pages of information to ponder over. The few password protected pages will be for the few that take the subject of Longevity more seriously. 

To Gain Entry to the Pass Word / First Level Web Page

Pretend you are in Ancient Times and standing at there City Gate. if you have zero experience, then simply supply a few paragraphs that explain your life. How you were raised and what you have seen with people living short or long lives. You should be worried about your loved ones that did not live full / happy lives. You should have an idea what they did that lead to their premature deaths. Supply a story of your life experiences.

There is no reason to ever supply your real name or any name, unless you like your name and like pictures. you can make your story as little or as large as you desire. What we are looking for is people from all countries who have seen their family live long lives because of this and that. Then they have seen in their lifetime the benefits from their parents or the bad they inherited. 

This first level will be for beginners learning from other’s experiences and books, information from this website. The goal being living better for all that have a desire to do so. 20 years past experience proves to me that a majority of people will be from other countries than U.S.A. and luckily they can often speak several languages. Where I grew up, I never seen a different speaking or looking person until I went to a small city school in 7th grade. I did not get my first type write / key board (computer) until I was 40 years old and it took a long time for it to dial up on the house phone line. When I was a kid, you went outside and hand pumped your water and your bathroom was way out in the garden at the edge of the field and no electric. The only heat came from a brick fire place and the house was just 1 layer of bricks, no boards and one night the entire back wall of the house fell into the back yard.

Those were the fun days, no TV, the entire road all shared your phone line and we went to town a couple times per year. I had all my vaccines, so I had all their diseases, a mouthful of mercury by age 12 and grew up with a winter sore throat / croup and never even heard the word chiropractor or herb until age 23. I built my first steam water distiller because no one in my state sold them and even 40 years later, I do not know of a single store in my state that sales water distillers, but thanks to websites today, people can buy products from around the world.

To Gain Entry to the Pass Word / Advanced Level Web Page

Your story will have to be a very good story. A story that explains how herbs and methods saved lives or made for a better life. Those that have experience / stories with use of herbal formulas I make will enjoy this advanced page more. They will have experience with the Dr.Hay, M.D. orange juice fasting and actually taken steps in their life to be independent the best they can. Preppars will love both pages., anything and everything that enables people to take care of them selves. 

More information the better:

Age / male or female

Dental history

Kind of water and diet history

Your story—

Taboo subjects:

Vitamin Use, Drug Use, Silver Water, urine, etc. therapy, pot, all non natural / toxic substances. If you have interest is the advanced web page, you want to avoid promotion of toxic products /foods.

A healthy human can eat, drink most anything, if we were smart, we would avoid all things that lead to sickness. In my lifetime I have never met of heard from a perfect person. We all live against Nature, so we all suffer., that said, some products have bad side effects and when I see those—I will ad my comments.

No names required or suggested, but you have to e-mail me your story and for the first time in 20 years, I plan on keeping your name and e-mail in a file and if you send me your picture, that is how I remember people–by face and not by names. Picture not required, but will make your story more real to me. 

Stories at the Gate

I will supply one local true story. I have seen and heard this same type story for 20+ years. I do not expect people to have stories like this poor mother’s, but her story is an honest description of what her and many of her friends experience in their lifetime. I wish I had millions of $$ to help mothers in these situations, because there are thousands just like her. I could write a large book based on the problems that create the deaths of so many mothers and their children. This mother has no electric, no money and extremely poor. I typed her letter for an “example:

Example Hand Written Letter sent by mail

(Please send your story by e-mail)

Video, nothing as nice as video. I made these 2 videos many years ago, they make a perfect example for the Gate Way Entry.

Dean 1 of 3

Dean 2 of 3

Dean 3 of 3

James 1 of 2

James 2 of 2

A great example from just one Family

For 3 years to educate my self how to kill and expel worms and stones, I looked at results. This was back when the only camera I had was 35 mm and a $75 children’s microscope that plugged into my first ever computer. I had to send the film in the mail and wait a few weeks to receive the pictures back. The Children computer microscope enabled me to take pictures of the eggs. 

The following pictures are 1 family of 8 people from an “old” order Amish community. They have no electric, no phones, but they believe in the use of herbs and natural human health. If they can expel their worms and cleanse their liver and intestines, so can anyone that has interest in Self-Applied Prevention and just 1 of many things people can learn. I learned how to make the best de-wormer formulas and got to see the common worms that plague people.

A educated a large group of Amish who then had their entire community use my de-wormer and methods and they collected all buckets at a large barn and quickly noticed that people who had specific diseases and handicaps, all had similar color and types of worms. I noticed healthy people had bright green stones that had no ill smell, while on the other extreme, those dying of cancer had yellowish / white stones that smelled of death and could make you throw up from the smell.

I stopped looking after 3 years, because the only different worms came from people that had spent time in different countries, even if it was 20+ years previous; proof they picked up worms while traveling and then could never get rid of them. Note: 100% of all parasite pictures i have ever taken, the only herbal formulas uses were Parasites / Worms  and Lower Bowel Balance Capsules. It was years later that I made many adult only parasite herbal formulas.

Mother and her 7 children

Used the World’s Best Dewormer

Then Flushed them out!

I properly strained out the liver / gallstones

Examined the worms / eggs

Stones clog not just the Gallbladder, but also the Liver

Example of The Average healthy child

Gallbladder clogged”, Liver Full

Notice 3 of the 8 buckets have different color and size of stones

Every person has a different degree of total health

This is my greatest Liver / Gallbladder Stones picture!

This picture was so good, my friend Dr. Hulda Clark published it in her writings. 

Note The large stone’s shape, it is the size of the gallbladder; this method expelled a complete gallstone the size of the gallbladder! That is AMAZING ! Note the size of the stones from the Liver ! A proper Liver Flush must be done 3 x properly or more based on the results. This first flush came from a 18 year old male. Suggesting his gallbladder may have been clogged and non functional for “years”. 

  • Over years of Self-Experimentation I mastered the Liver Flush and De-Worming and learned a superior way to cleanse not only the Liver, the Lymph Glands, Circulation, Brain, Etc. and the hardest organ of them all, the Pancreas and have not done Liver Flushes for many years now. Liver Flushes are ok and work and have their place, but i learned a superior method that is 50x easier and better.

If you want to see your worms and stones “you” must properly de-worm, flush and self-examine. As far as I am aware, there is no place you can go to for professional aid and examination of your stones, their smell and your endless worms. Every flush expels worms and eggs, the above 8 buckets all had a wide variety of worms and eggs. the following are examples i took years ago with a 35 mm camera and later on, a child’s toy computer microscope.

1. (a) 35 mm camera

The Human Liver Fluke is common in all humans, using a 35 mm camera i captured this picture and Dr. Cark published it also. These flat worms expel eggs out of 4 ovaries none stop their entire adult life, their babies swim through out the entire body and can become adults anywhere in the entire body, but best known in the liver. I discovered they are packed inside the Pancreas where they are protected and spew out hundreds of thousands of eggs none stop. These and most all worms live through life cycles and changes. Humans can have any number of endless thousands of species of worms. The large ones are easily seen with the naked eye, while the majority are too small and can only be seen with a powerful microscope. it is fun to identify what is eating us, but my opinion is that they all need to die and stay killed; because their poop and pee has smaller parasites and diseases and their hormones integer with our hormones–so the only good worm is a dead worm.

I am proud of my primitive parasite pictures, these are some of my favorite:

2. (a) scope

This is 1 piece of cluster of worms broken off from the intestines. The adults would line the entire intestines and they eat your food. They wave and break off and travel out to continue their life cycle.

2. (b) 60x

2. (c) 120x

3. (a) 35 mm

3. (b) 35 mm

4. (a)

This parasite expelled the egg sack as I was watching it!

4. (b) 60x

5. 60x


7. (a) 60x

7. (b) no magnification

7. (c)

7. (d) mating?

7. (e)

Note head and butt!

I always said, I need to see a head or a butt or I am not sure it is a “worm”!

7. (f) the head!

1. (b)

1. (c)

1. (d)

1. (e)

Parasites are an endless subject that fascinates me and i concluded they all need to die, the last I read many years ago, they had identified 300,000+ parasites that can enter the human body. I use to buy old medical parasite books off of Ebay and finally decided, the less perfect we are, the more Nature wants us dead and parasites obey Nature and remove all defective species. That is my conclusion, you can decide what you choose to believe. 

Worms are inherited from your mother and shared by all in the family. Disease running in a family simple means similar parasites, diet and toxicity. Germ and Chemical Warfare complicated life on earth by 1915 to date, it becomes worse every day for 100+ years. The greater the toxicity the greater the variety of worms. Worms fight for space, you were born on many battlefields and it is amazing you are still alive- but we humans adapt and we are touch to kill. 

Longevity is your own “self-education” into your environment and the understanding of what and why all your past relatives died and what you can do to protect your family. The best herbs can be miraculous, but I always say that herbs are at best, 1/6th the total solution.

Those with real interest will e-mail their stories, those with no interest will not bother. Most can not handle knowing what they are dying of or lift their hands to change their path. This website school is not for the “Defeated”



I just read that I should share more of my story. I am a stay at home mom of two.  My husband had his first heart attack 48 and his second heart attack at 50.  After the first heart attack, I was on a quest to find the cure. I switched to a plant based vegan diet and found a more holistic cardiologist.  After his second heart this past January, I woke up to the fact that western medicine has it all wrong and our current diet wasn’t working.  COVID afforded me the opportunity to become awake since last November.  
My family thinks I am crazy but I continue to drip truths on them:  chem trails, EMF’s, chemical warfare, genocide to human race. Through prayer, I got my husband to try a chiropractor/ nutritionist to help assist his diet.  He does seem to be better.  I also go to an energy homepathy healer for myself, my daughter, and my dog.  My husband and son are not on board yet.  

I found your website from looking for Dr Hulda’s liver flush which was recommended from my healer.  

Thank you for all your research!












More Coming Soon