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The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention
The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention is a name I created to describe a True – Health Education, something I believe every adult should learn and teach all their children. The best ideal method of learning is to study a book written by successful authors of the past, these books were often written by a retiring doctor. Their first book usually being their best and only book. These types of books have a lifetime of learned history and it is best that a study guide be made for each book and the student read the book and then read it a second time as they fill out the study guide. The study guide method allows the author to point out all the good parts of each book and explain many things that the student is not aware of. Sadly the study guide method is not popular today, so I stopped after making 3 study guides. If there had been interest I am sure I could have made 20+ study guides, because there are many life changing books to learn Natural Health Methods from.

We got our start doing in home herbal Self-Health seminars. we quickly learned that people can not absorb all the information that can be new to them and they immediately go into over load and the next day they would continuously call us and go over the same information. This prompted me to created a seminar – on – paper. I wanted this to be 100 pages or less and when finished, it ended up being 108 pages. I re-read it and could not reduce it to 100 pages so I printed it on 1/2 sheet size paper / stapled and gave away for free. Our first experience with the internet, we offered this free seminar – on – paper and were surprised that people from India were the main people asking and back then, it cost us $7.00 or more just for shipping out of country and naturally no one that far away could buy anything, so it was a great loss to us. This dilemma quickly was solved with the first pdf, on the internet for free download.

Our lives changed after this 108 – page seminar – on – paper and at the time, we had no clue that the number 108 was the most famous number in world history or how it had to do with this seminar being 108 – pages, about health and free. This Seminar on Paper is what started it all for us and lead to The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention name years later. This is the early foundation, the very first pdf that continues to never stop growing.

The “Original” 108 Page: Seminar on Paper

I personally believe, herbal use when properly applied can result in miraculous results, but that being said; I believe herbal use is at best, 1/6th the total solution. The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention is an endless lifelong study of all subjects that improve one’s Longevity. This website explores all health subjects and like all information, subject to change as opinions change over life experiences. This website is  examples of 30 years of self – learning. Often there are no teachers and we all learn as we go. I suggest most books written after 1950 are hard to trust and 90% of books written pre 1950 are hard to trust. A person can easily waste 20 years of life by being mislead by false authors and $20,000+ lost by trying what false authors are selling. The greatest health authors had nothing to sale.

The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention has the goal of saving the student 20 years of time & money; time being the most valuable. Most people wait too long in life and do not have 20 years to learn the hard way that most authors are paid salespeople. This website will be a blend of endless subjects with pictures, stories and video as examples. 

Most people have heard the word; Herbs, but mostly for foods, cooking, spices and a few used for health, such as peppermint, garlic, onions, cinnamon, coconut, oranges, lemons, etc. Those that study herbs created a list of what we know as Herb Properties. This list is very general and most herbs have more than one property, but all are best known for what we expect to experience when we consume or use a particular herb / food. The Internet is loaded with such information and I like this list best and added a few pages of my beliefs. People thinking of self-exploring using herbs, should have a general study of what is known about herbs in general. ideally read many sources until you come up with your own conclusions.

Most people have no clue what True “Real” Vinegar is, they only have experience with vinegar they buy in a store. Real Vinegar can never be purchased from a commercial source. Commercial Vinegar often is made in hours and just a “fake” product / chemical (acid) solution( often made from corn) people use for cleaning and not a product suitable in foods. Clean – True Vinegar is something that basically you would have to make yourself, because you’re not going to fine a “clean” source for sale. True “Real” Vinegar cannot be put in a bottle and shipped, so it really is something people would have to make themselves. Just 1 generation ago, most humans could easily obtain Real Vinegar; that is how fast the controls have been removing all the natural stuff. I keep 200+ gallons of “Aged” Apple Cider Vinegar blended with various berries and fruits. Proper made vinegar gets better with age and the oldest was able to obtain was 100 years old and the best I had ever tasted. Raw Vinegar blended with Raw Honey can be a delightful product that can have endless herbs added to make it a True 1957 Q10 Formula. No one believes more in the 1957 Q10 Theory and Herbal Use than I do.

The First Ten Years we had a local artist make us a hand – made “fired” pottery drinking cup. The name “Barefoot” came as a result of wearing heavy steel toe factory shoes for 30 years and once being ‘free”, the more I learned the more I understood our feet must breathe and have direct contact with the earth. The School book about feet health is a must read. Once free, your feet help keep you healthy.
Book 1 teaches how medical cured all with orange juice, on the front of this  up is a embossed clay impression from an orange. The number 108 changed our lives and once you go inside the ancient Pyramids your life education will increase and you will have more freedom from false books. M. H. stands for Master Herbalist.

A one year newsletter education for American Amish.

This is a “great” example of a group of people that still believe in herbal use and natural methods. Often the mothers have little to no money and will have many children.

1. Amish Newsletters “January 2011”

These Authors gave me the “Education” to change / save my life!


The only two men that “saved” me from the white-coats!
First time: age 23 my right side hurt exactly like a kidney stone and put me in the hospital twice costing close to $10,000 for absolutely nothing, in fact during the one test when the nurse was putting a dye in my left wrist, she got in a hurry and squeezed the I/V Bag and caused a big lump to appear in my skin and before that they gave me a shot of LSD for pain, that worked for about 30 minutes and then i through up for an hour. Later that night they woke me up slapping me in the face so i would wake up for a chest x-ray, etc., etc. and wanted to do exploratory surgery on my kidney. The second hospital put a camera in my kidney and the white coats were clueless people. The local M.D. said the x-rays proved I had terminal arthritis. Another local M.D. took another chest x-ray and showed me that my ribs were covered with calcium deposits.

At this point I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life, he was not much older than I was and his dad was a chiropractor before him. I did not tell him why I had came to see him, because I really did not even know what a chiropractor was or what they do. I never took off my shirt and in minutes he told me that I was lucky I had came, because he could tell the nerves to my right kidney was pinched. He fixed that in about 30 seconds and charged me $8 and I went back to work for 30 years and to this day, never have had a kidney pain again. He explained to me that most all humans have bones covered with calcium deposits and that is normal. I self-educated myself to understand that comes from drinking hard-water and I made my first water distiller and removed all the calcium deposits by way of stopping hard-mineral water.

I seen this chiropractor for about 37 years, instead of going to a M.D. and one time I could not sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time and after several nights I was in bad shape. I went to him and he explained how my skull plate moved above my ear, probably due falling a sleep on a couch pillow and he smacked the skull plate back in place and cured me instantly once again. Because of this chiropractor I stopped going to white coats since age 23.

These two instances I am sure the white coats could never been capable of helping.

                  Jet Lee   http://www.theglobalhealer.com/comments.html

Jet Lee in Thailand was raised a Monk and like many monks, at age 21 he had a choice to stay or leave and start his own family, etc. He chose to leave and his wife and him operate a schooling and treatment facility on a remote island. As a trained monk, he has no fears and knows massage and chiropractic far superior to any college-trained chiropractor in my opinion.

I had an accident with a letter slipping out from under me and dislocated my spine or basically 2 vertebra slipped onto each other. The pictured chiropractor was too scared to fix me. I went to another chiropractor and he too was too scared, they are too scared to apply the pressure it takes.

The older chiropractors become, the more scared they become and scared of being sued and loose the $$$. Yet, the young ones often have no clue how to adjust the bones properly, so it can be very difficult finding a good chiropractor. In my opinion, Jet Lee is 10x smarter than the college trained chiropractors. He cured my damaged spine in about 3 minutes and it cost me about $100 to spend maybe 3 hours with him and received a fantastic massage from his wife.

If I had never met Jet Lee, I would probably be on pain medications until I died and never have been able to enjoy working after the injury. I am certain the white coats could have only damaged my spine and cut and installed bars or something really stupid doing permanent lifelong damage if I had went to them.


A few of mine

Dad’s Side  (wales / dutch)                                              
Dad with his Dad, days before the mules and his dad was killed by lightening
Mom’s Grandfather (french)
Grandpa with the mules is an interesting story! He had 5 boys and 1 daughter and then dumped his wife for the milkman’s daughter and had 1 more girl and 3 more boys. A large farmer of the time (1 week before he died) he went to a tent revival and agreed to be saved, etc. The same week his 2 mules and him were bringing in a load of hay from the field and lightening directly struck him and the paper said you could not tell what was left of him; from what was left of the mules. My dad was the oldest of 4 and his mom married a milk man and not getting along; my dad chose to live in his uncles barn. Before he got a driver’s license, he “thumbed” around the country–back then you could catch a ride, travel around and not worry much…not like today. At age 12 he got his first driver’s license, made of metal from the state. Can you imagine 12 year old kids driving on the highways today!
Dad joined the Navy World War 2 age 17
At age 17, dad joined World War 2 Navy. All his 1/2 brothers were in World War 1—-his future 1/2 brothers in the Korean War. Wars are not what kids are trained to believe they are. No one today can even imagine how strong kids were in the civil war—-the people that landed in America 300+ years ago were far healthier and stronger than anyone today. The soldiers of the Roman Empire and days of the Vikings were “monsters” in comparison to any human alive today.
Mom’s Dad
My mother’s dad is another “unique” story, he had 2 daughters and also died young. He had a hole in his heart. The doctor told grandma that her first daughter’s first male child would be born with a hole in his heart as a result. My mother was the older daughter and overheard the doctor’s prediction and sure enough, my oldest brother was born with a hole in his heart. Those that read one of the best medical clinic books of the mid 1800’s will learn “how” and “why” my oldest brother was born with a hole in his heart.
My brother had a heart operation at age 6 and they also installed a pig heart valve. Pig valves rarely last 20 years. At age 16 he was blue again and was chosen along with 49 other children for heart surgery. This ended up being a secret study into heart bypass surgery and the doctors just needed 50 subjects to experiment upon. All the children died on the operating table or soon thereafter. The doctor had just killed a girl the day before my brother’s surgery and the dr. told my brother he did not want to do the surgery because the odds of survival was not good. My brother told the doctor to please try, because he would soon die anyway. 
At age 6, they about cut his left are off and left enormous scars and at age 16, they split his ribs and cut his left shoulder about off and removed the heart and packed the body with ice. I call that as dead as dead can be. While dead, he had amazing experiences. Then after the operation, a few hours later his heart clogged with blood clots and they ripped his heart out and placed his body on ice again and he then had many more amazing experiences while dead. This time, thanks to their secret by-pass surgery experimentation, his heart would not connect. As a result his body was taken to the morgue–again, that is pretty dead. At the morgue as elderly doctor placed his heart in upside down and then flipped around, it somewhat fit and sent the body back to surgery and instructed to sew him up.
The heart sounds like it is always having a heart attack and functions about 50%. The morgue doctor told him to stay away from all doctors, because they will want his heart in a jar. He was at the time given a lifetime prescription of ampicillin. He did not return to school and still works today in construction. Not only did the pig valve not die, it is now 64 years old, surely a world record.
A current heart surgeon a few years ago did a study on his case and said 100% of all doctors / nurses and researchers that was involved in there secret experiments that ended 49 children’s lives on the operating table, all have died. My brother has outlive them all. If you pay attention to what many men that reach age 100 and have been interviewed by the news media all have in common, is a daily diet that leads to less parasites. That diet, along with the experiences my brother had when he was dead twice in the same day, will be explored in the advanced password protected pages.
At age 70 the scar line can still be seen that was done at age 6. This line circles up the back and down all the ribs as they split him open and literally about too his left arm off his body to remove the heart. The scars use to be very white, very wide and he looked like he had Frankenstein scars. Putting the heart on ice twice within a few hours, is proof how hard it is to kill humans—while dead, he was told both times he would live, even though the red children tried their best to lure him away and stay with them…proof we live our given time.

For the past 2,000+ years, those seeking control of the planet, have been entering, exterminating all the strong families and for the past 130 years been systematically poisoning off all the strong and producing a “mule” breed of humans–like these 2 mules in the picture above; sterile mix breeds, suitable only as slaves. By mid 1800’s the goal was to mix humans with animals- mules. In 1973, national geographic, showed men having 1/2 ape kids. Vaccinations use animal dna for a reason.

In Nature, you learn from your ancestors and try to do better, otherwise you end up the same as they did. The False Profits of biblical education has always been “your” eyes and ears. If you listen and watch false teachers, you will fail. The only truthful teacher is Nature – no books required.

Dr. John R. Christopher believed you inherit the “good” from your ancestors. You also inherit the same worms, same bad and good habits and all share a common diet and water source—that is the stuff that reduces the longevity the most.

Please send all questions to askmh108@earthlink.net

Ask any Gorilla
Dr. John R. Christopher’s answer to most health questions was as simple as: “ask any Gorilla, if you want a true answer. The same theory applies to the turtle at the top of the page. Ask any wild animal and you should get a true answer, in that you obey Nature. For every act against Nature, your health and longevity will be decreased. Humans are the only creation that has the will and abilities to defy Nature. This almost suggest humans are not “natural” to earth or at the least, are special in that they develop the ability to defy the laws of living on earth. Humans in general, do not like the answers that a Gorilla or other life forms would have as advice. As humans, we want to do it our way or give our lives over to strangers. This section will be a list of pdf / video that explore subjects that you may have never given thought.
They say Elephants never forget a human, do Gorillas remember humans? Can Gorillas love humans?

There are past videos of road builders that made the first highway to Alaska and wild bears played with the workers, the bears had no clue to be “scared” of the new humans they found for the first time. Yet, adult animals hand-down / teach their offspring to be scared of humans, once there is a history that the animals have been harmed in the past.

Current day hypnotist take normal people and make them speak animal languages or virtually all human languages. It is hilarious to watch hypnotized people do this for fun. There are actually people today that 100% believe they can communicate with animals (and children for that manner,) in what they call “off-line”. These types of people believe they can do this from around the world, all they need is to know the subject and have “permission”. They can ask any animal, or human child questions in the “spiritual” world and give you an answer. Long ago, in biblical days, there were monks, actually the most famous of all monks in the New Testament that had a bibliographer that followed him his adult life and made a book and in that book, the writer explained that this monk received the gift of all human and animal languages by way of being with the Tibetan Monks for 5 years and not speaking. The gift a result of listening for 5 years and not talking. There are people that believe even “insects” can communicate with humans and literally get humans to act on the benefit of the insects. They believe the insects can understand, while we humans have lost most of our abilities. The creation of radar was a result of studying the human forehead and most all humans have lost such communication abilities, but make up for it with their cell phone; it is no wonder humans love their phones so much, some say it is a supplement for something they have lost the ability to do naturally.


The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention

There is only one incorruptible teacher, Nature! The great doctors of the past that lived long enough to learn this; wrote books with titles like: Return To Nature. The theory being, if you obey the rules of the planet, then you will live the fullest life available to you. All life on earth has no choice but to Obey Nature, with the exception of humans. Which suggest humans are either “special” or they are from other planets and an invasive specie. That is a subject few live long enough to ponder.

We humans do not want to live up in trees, in caves or out in the open; we want to have out cake and eat it to. We want every modern day luxury and invention, along with the maximum longevity possible—we in fact, what it “all”, because we are humans.

There are two types of teachers, those that obey Nature and those that defy Nature. With human health and longevity, we know Nature Wins. We know this planet is a self-cleansing planet of supreme design. We know there is good and evil and that is what makes us different than all other creation on earth.

Those with false teachers have no choice but to be victims of our ears and eyes; our False Profits. Human history suggests humans wake up around age 30 and start to question all their false teachers and wonder if they were trained as slaves or as free thinking humans.

Books, all books are human theories and opinions, nothing more. Nature requires no books and no false profits that want to be gods and you their salves. Disease is the result of defying the laws of Nature. Humans adapt, but Nature always wins.

Did you know that you live at the bottom of an ocean of air, filled with bacteria, viruses and toxic pollution? You in fact, are a bottom feeder and what is for lunch. with every breath of air you have ever taken, you inhale creatures that want to eat you.

Do you know that you are not what you eat, but what you breathe? Trees are not made of dirt, if they were, they would fall over and you are not made of what you eat as “food”, in fact, your true foods are “cleansers” more than all else.

Parasites are a “result” of endless laws broken against Nature. Parasites have a Job, because they Obey Nature!

Those that Obey Nature understand their predators and work to avoid all that wants to kill and or eat them. Humans have more predators than all other species on earth, in my opinion. Can you name 20 reasons why you will die prematurely? If you can not name all your predators, then you can not avoid the bad things. Lack of Education is a result of your parents and ancestors. You should be the result of generations of strong family and not a product of your predators. Can you stand alone, or is more like monkey see, monkey do and follow the sheep to the slaughter?

France / approx. year- 1900
Approx. 1-2 months later according to the doctor
Did you know that in France, 120 years ago, there was an ocean-water doctor that was curring people like this woman in 2 or so months with just ocean water and that he did this over 30 years long and kept detailed, pictured evidence of thousands of babies and people of all ages, so future doctors around the world could learn his methods and save millions of humans / animals from suffering premature death…..but after his death, I do not think you will find one doctor today that has a clue what this doctor did over his lifetime. In fact, the majority of these extremely smart doctors were born in the mid 1800’s and learned amazing things by the late 1890’s. So much so, the most famed M.D. in German History wrote that he believed all that is “good” in medical, was learned by year 1900. All great herbal liquid syrups can be better with a touch of ocean salts.

(ages 2, 5 and 8)
Time Proves “All”
Zero Vaccinations
Have never seen a M.D. since day 3
They seen their Chiropractor on day 5
Nursed, not bottled
A little Oregano Oil just prior to nursing
Herbs instead of medicines
Have “never” taken a vitamin or drug or over counter poisons
Never had tooth decay
Dentist took pictures of their teeth and jaws for his book
Home-made Distilled Water- (no toxic heavy metal water)
Age 10 months – Goat’s milk, diluted with 50% distilled water with added Oregano Oil and Olive leaf Tincture
Basically they do not know what “sickness” really is, other than their school friends, the most they have experienced is an upset stomach, minor cold or sore throat. They have no clue what the flue is. They understand that when they do not feel “correct”, it is because of their diet that causes constipation and they know to use LBB Capsules and Lots of Maximum Restore. Once in sports, they learned about BF&C / Bone Builder Concentrate and have both taken more Bone Builder Concentrate than anyone else on earth. They have grown up using Herbal Sprays and Sports Salves and understand how to properly band  age injuries. They started with soccer and a closet full of medals and trophies and once all their school buddies were into middle school football, they dropped the travel soccer and started football 6th grade up. Both never lost a game until they entered High School. They quickly learned that out of all the sports, football gets the most attendance and recognition in the papers.
Growing up, they have seen allot of their fellow classmates experience tooth decay and broken bones and numerous / dangerous diseases. In all three schools they have attended, they were the only students in their health class that said they had never been vaccinated, never taken a drug, had no doctor and never taken a vitamin. I have many pictures of the two of them together posing in sports pictures, soccer, baseball, basketball and football. They love every motorized vehicle on land and water. If it goes fast, jumps high, smokes big or burns rubber—they love it.

Weight Lifting is part of playing football. These two love weight lifting and as freshmen, they were part the team’s Varsity strongest lifters and players. This picture is 2019 and The older is a senior and the younger a freshman (with the quarterback arm guide). The coaches nicknamed the “Smash-Brothers”. On the kick-off they would be the center 2 players running full blast to where the ball lands and attempt to hit the receiver so hard that he would loose the ball.
#16 scored as his 8th grade’s team; wide-receiver on the first possession; of the 7 games he played, by way of the quarter back throwing the ball as far as he could and #16 would catch it and often score in the first minute of the game. #16 has 3 more seasons of High School Football and is 6″ 2″ freshman.
Age 19 singing in Japan
These boys understand they are not “special”, they are just less “toxic” and their bones and muscles are well fed with herbal and food minerals. They probably have the least amount of parasites. There larger problem playing sports has been trying to avoid hurting the other players. They were seen as too aggressive at school basketball and basically all the school coaches to some degree have jealously issues, because they either want their kids to get scholarships or their professional fellow friend’s, kids to get scholarships and all school sports, as with college sports is politics; whom you know and not what you know. Not one teacher or coach ever had any interest in their health. Health and Diet a non-subject and the reason so many students are injured in middle school and high school. It is just a “fact”, healthy children have more fun outside.
As parents, we had no teachers, no help, we learned as we went and each child benefited more than the previous one. My parents did the opposite, so I had all the vaccines, all the tooth decay, mercury, sicknesses and was sick every winter of my life through school. Better foods, herbs and avoiding poisons is what made our boys stand out in schools, not genetics at all. Less worms, less poisons, better diet = bigger, stronger, healthier on average.
In this world, it also means they / we are on our own! There are no medical facilities or doctors of any value beyond a chiropractor. You go medical and first thing they look up is if you have your vaccinations and if not, start with that. With children that have “never” been to a doctor, every drug they use, could cause an allergic reaction, because their blood stream has not been poisoned with vaccinations, drugs and vitamins through out their lifetime. I had an aunt that was considered “backwards”, so she never got married, never went out much and lived with her cousin and at age 50 she had her first sickness, a gallstone attack. She had never been to a doctor in her lifetime, her sister took her to the hospital and they gave her a pain drug and within 8 hours she was dead. I had another aunt long ago when I was a kid and she was while in the hospital for a lump under her armpit, the nurses confused the medications and gave a shot that was meant for the next room lady and that shot killed her instantly. People that live and work to have medical insurance or free medical for all—have no clue what they are doing. the Only doctor I have for the past 39 years has been 2 chiropractors. If your chiropractor can not help your situation, then you need a better one and you need to better correct your diet and health situation at home in my “opinion”. Forced health insurance is / should be a crime and in fact, is just another form of taxation. I also stopped taking by dogs and animals to the vet 39 years ago. If you join the military, they give you a series of vaccines for a full day, before they take you into training. For people that have grown up drug free, poison-free as possible; they would be at risk going through a full day’s vaccinations. it is my opinion, over counter / vitamin / prescription drug-free students have no use for smoking dope, drinking beer or doing drugs. Their other problem is that 90% of the girls they know, come from divorced family situations, vaccinated, need their dentist, need their doctors. Sickly girls having sickly children, who grow up and have sickly children and grow up and have sickly children is where the world is today after World War 1 and medical take over of education.
It is a fact, you do not miss what you have never known. I believe there is no human alive today that can imagine health, if they were born parasite-free and stayed that way. In the Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. book, health-via-food, he writes about a group of people that had been studied at the time for 11 years and the English military / scientist believed the men looked at age 250 as healthy as their 22 year old sons and that the women died around age 150 due to the fact they give of their body to develop the child. Dr. Morton Walker and his wife studied these same people a few years back and believed them to be lead free by way of data labs testing and that this was because they ate wild sweet fruits, such as pineapple. The greatest German M.D. by 1970 discovered that using pineapple, he could reduce his hospitals heart operations by 10,000 patients per year. He wrote that American Medical had zero interest in his discovery. He also wrote that all that was good about medical was learned by the year 1900. I believe Medical has learned it all and due to the fact they believe the world has too many people, they hide what they have learned. We are “alone”, but thanks to old medical / herbal books, we can learn.

Feb 28, 2020
(temp 17 degrees)
Little “T” 15 years old

Fear is your greatest enemy that develops from false “education”. Cold weather self-exploration can be fun and I learned “tricks” to make it much easier. My very best author of all pictured in the top right photo of my best authors, was an “expert” with cold weather and gives methods in his books.

Little T’s 2 older brothers
Jan 2007 ice was very thick, but I used an air pump to clear an open area to swim
Feeding the Ducks
Playing in the cold erases some fears


Thailand Elephants are more wild than you might imagine, these particular Elephants were a group saved by a young monk and to be able to feed them, they offer tourist an opportunity to feed them, ride them into the jungle and end with a bath in a pond, in that order. They believe if you do that for these Elephants, they may remember you for maybe 5+ years and if you come back, they will know you. You can also find a place where you can play with Thailand Tigers and even a roadside tourist place that you can get close up with King Cobras and another with very smart monkeys. In Thailand they are not hindered with endless safety laws and when you see how they ride scooters on the highways and get smashed—you get the idea you must protect yourself at all times. There is much more to life than working and dying. The world can be a fun place, if you’re healthy enough to enjoy it.

Yes I rode wild Elephants and am in this picture!
Nice Kitty

This a very “rare” bottle from the Dr. Hay, M.D. Clinic

The main goal of The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention is to get people world wide, to read what I call Book 1. Written by Dr. Howard Hay, M.D and called Health Via Food. This book along with the herbal education of Dr. John R. Christopher, I believe, enabled me to save my own life. The cool thing about the Dr. Hay Book, you can read it for free and that book uses only one herb, Orange Juice, along with diet education. Dr. Hay believed his Sunrise Clinic helped 63,000 patients heal them selves and Yale, Harvard, Rockefeller by 1950 agreed that Orange Juice with Diet Education, was “The Cure”, the only cure. Why? Because clean blood is the only cure.

My wife’s grandmother in the late 40’s and 50’s traveled the country recording Tent Revivals and she would stop by public libraries because they were throwing out medical / herbal books or selling them for a dime or so. She had a health food store at that time period and liked collecting old medical / herb books. When she died, no one wanted her book collection other than me. The Dr. Hay Book was just 1 of many great books and I came to the conclusion that if a public library was throwing away health books, you can bet they were good health books written by authors that wanted to educate the people. In fact, Dr. Hay ends his book by saying he hopes this enabled the reader to become their own physician.

The book changed my life so much, that I spent $900.00 ( 2 weeks wages) on a scanner and scanned the book and brought it back to life. I also made an extensive Study Guide for the book and call them Book I and Book I Study Guide. I believe those 2 books are the foundation of understanding human health. “IF” you ever had any interest in The Barefoot Herbalist Website / History—you should understand this picture of an antique bottle, it took me years to find one of these original bottles.


One of the major causes of premature death is drinking water. The human kidneys are small organs and suggested to be capable of processing 1 quart of water per day. All the water we need, is in our air, “if” we had the health to understand “correct” diet and habits. The water in our air, use-to-be clean; pre-pollution days and contained minerals from the sun in correct form. These were the days of an early earth cycle when mammals lived on air and sunshine.

The act of drinking ground water is certain to result in reduction of longevity. These 2 pictures are from the boiling chamber of my-home water distillers. We have what is considered a great water source, located 200 feet below and through the lime table. This water source is ancient water and not surface water. Surface water wells are full of bacteria, that when exposed to oxygen, the bacteria / plants bloom and the water stains everything it touches “red” or what people call rusty water. Shallow wells, full of rock and bacteria also has all the chemicals used by modern science. American water is loaded with arsenic, birth control drugs, field fertilizers / weed killer, jet fuel and every chemical you can think of—in fact, the last water anyone should want to drink from would be shallow water well water and surely not city, recycled toilet water.

Even with clean ancient deep earth water, these 2 pictures show what water distillers trap. These inorganic minerals are what kill humans. In the original 108 pages I show a picture of human organs loaded with water rock minerals. They literally can tell where you were raised, by the rock content of your organ tissues. (Page 42 of the 108 page booklet)

Humans that do not understand their diet / drinks, have no chance at understanding Longevity in my opinion. If you are not steam-distilling your water at home for your family, then you have missed the greatest first step of your education.

It is a fact, what you see in my water distiller would have entered my blood stream and over a lifetime crippled me with organs filled with accumulated rock until I prematurely aged and died from drinking common water! Those that drink coffee made with hard water are far worse off.

You have to learn the basics before you can walk through the valley-of-death un-harmed. The Goal of The School of “Self-Applied” Prevention is for people to understand that buying bottles of commercial supplements can not help your foundational health issues. Vitamins and drugs and operations are not solutions. Water is the first and greatest mistake most all people make. Once you understand and apply the Dr. Howard Hay Book, hopefully some day you will tell people you stopped drinking water years ago.

Do you see a problem with this label?
Why is Titanium Dioxide added to this common snack?
My first Book, explains in great detail.
Do you understand why my first ever book is called Book 2?
Book II
Book II is the very first book I made, based on a whistle blowers story on the Internet. I wanted to search the internet for information to prove or disprove what the whistle blower wrote. Using all public information and just reading labels of junk food I was eating out of snack machines at work and products on our bathroom shelf, along with my greatest find, a book authored in 1950 that had actual “original” picture proof and explanation of when it all started.

I though the book was the best thing ever, but the subject matter and all the pictures of proof, scared people too much to read it. I had no clue at the time that “normal” people have no interest in reading about their environment and all the bad things that reduce our longevity, while those subjects interest be very much.

My first ever book is learning about Thyroid Health and why 1 particular ingredient is in all our snake foods, soaps, lotions and was put in our air in the year 1992. Before I was “ignorant”, I was blindly consuming “daily” products designed to harm my Thyroid health.”IF” you have no clue what I am talking about, you have been a victim the same as I was, starting in 1992.


If you do not understand HAARP? You have no clue about your weather or what all cell phone towers can do! You ever see large X’s in the skies above you? Look at your skies every day of your life! Look at your environment that you live in.

This picture to the left, is a picture I took of “My Skies” and front cover of Book 2 Study Guide. I also years ago made a 2 hour Utube video of My Skies and believe it or not, way back then, I captured a video of a UFO, that today, people know as a “Tic Tac” UFO’s. A Small craft that can take off at enormous speeds, stop, back up, do just about anything that defies logic. The picture to the right was taken by the jet that created the blanket of chemicals you know as your skies. We live beneath the man created layers and breath the chemicals our entire lifetime. Book 2 is an old book that explains and proves it all started by 1948.

For the Fun of It

Thailand is loaded with cave and temples everywhere. The many islands can have temples high up, or just about anywhere and everywhere. Most of the caves will not have much more than maybe a few small lights. The larger ones near tourist traps can have a small display and often will have a row of Monk style bells that you can ring and a toilet that is basically a couple of holes in the ground and that is it.

Some of these caves can be enormous and like everything in Thailand, it is always enter at your own risk. As tourist with a personal guide that has traveled the world and spends allot of time in Thailand every year, he took us to several caves that he had not yet explored and wanted to check out. Today while looking through old pictures on my computer and eliminating hundreds of them and saving a few for this website, I came across a series of pictures taken at one of the larger caves and basically I had never looked at these pictures and they were just a few out of thousands that you take while on vacation and never look at. We took quite a few pictures of our selves in these caves and was a little surprised today when I found ½ dozen pictures that had “something” appear on the photo that I am pretty sure we did not notice while we were there—

1. The “imagine” first comes out from behind the rock and then:

2. fills the air and then:

3. (that is me in the white hat) develops circular lines with straight lines.

Paranormal “events”often happen often are not seen my the human eye, but picked up on cameras, video, audio. Today so many people study this type of stuff and would suggest “something” came out of the cave to “greet” us. I am sure something is “strange” about these pictures because Circular with straight lines to me; are not normal. I was taking pictures and it was my wife’s camera that picked up the Myst forming and it was years later when i looked at the pictures and discovered the mysterious Myst. If it was not so far away, it would be fun to return to this cave and see if the Myst would come out to play.

To be continued


Book III

What I call Book III is an education from a man that lost his family to the world war 1 vaccine that today is believed to have killed up to 200 million civilians world wide. He explains what the swine flue was and what the current fear of what is called Bird Flue in current history. Recently when the threat of war was possible with Iran, the news media had retired military on the news explaining why all the major cities on earth were on alert. If you ever read this man’s book, you will know why. This is 1 picture from the book, if you do not understand how this picture has to do with every major city and bird flue, then you are lacking a global education and there for unable to understand how that affects where you live. This is suppose to be a “real” picture of a captured cell in America. Do you understand the purpose of this tank and the connection of tanks with bird-flue? Do you think bird-flue has to do with birds? Do you understand what part birds actually do have with bird-flue?

What we should weigh


When your doctor was honest, this is what they showed you


Drugs and operations cost $$$ and the Sun is the most powerful healer on your entire body bare skin, while correct diet to acheive correct diet, should always be the first thing a true doctor should explain to his patients—-they use to! This is their charts. Have you read the Too thin Books and the Too Fat book? We are not what we eat, we are what we breathe and believe. That stuff you call fat, is just accumulated waste, salts and water, not the real “you”, the real you may be trapped in a failing body, due to wrong education, wrong habits and always wrong diet. The Too Thin people have a much harder road to travel and require much more than normal help diet wise and herbal helps.

These weight tables are based upon weighing without clothing, the only method of getting at the exact weight. Normal weights may vary up ten pounds or down ten pounds from the figures given, according to type and build.



picture here


These weight tables are compiled from health statistics, not from an average number of overweight and underweight persons. Allow for normally slender types.





picture here

NOTE-The weight of the normal person should never rise much, if any, above the weight at 22. If there is a slight rise of two or three pounds after that date then there should be a corresponding decline in weights after forty-five. Disregard all weight tables taken from average weights. To add weight after the meridian of life or after the period of greatest physical activity is past is to bring on early death.



Donations are not something normally done by the people that read this type of information and this website is “free” to look at. For 10 years we did in home seminars and never ever charged and stopped doing seminars 10 years ago because it takes allot of time and very few people reached, while a book or website can reach far more people and they can read at their pleasure. Think of this: the current 2020 bloom burg running for president, spends more $$ in 1 day than i will spend in my lifetime. “IF” there were donations, this website could be much more and if there were real donations to the point everything could be free, that would be crazy. The amount of $$ he is spending per day, would be enough to hire people to make and give away for free….naturally that never happens in real life. If it ever does, then this will be the best website education ever created for those willing to self-experiment and explore self-applied prevention.

There are many possibilities, but it has many years since anyone offered a donation, so i will not waste space until that day starts. it would be fun to have a donation brick wall and each person that donated could tell their story, their beliefs and what they have learned in life—heck, you can do that now and anonymous normally always works best. Eventually I will get to the number 108 and if there was a wall to be built, each brick would have to be 108.

Know this, I would never ever want a donation from anyone making less than $40,000 per year, because that means your a working person and working people need not be making donations. Sadly the largest group of people that consume natural-made herbal products make less than a couple thousand $$ per year and do it for their children’s health. Those mother’s still believe and trust in the use of herbs and are some of the poorest people in America. “If”I had 1 day of what bloomburg is throwing away, I could set those people free by teaching them to understand “how” and once people know how, they are free. As long as we are slaves to $$ and forced to work daily for food and shelter, we are trapped in society by those that control all the $$ systems.