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All “Natural” Beef

I have been around cows for 54 years, I use to milk 100 Holstein Dairy cows by my self for $5 per day and drop my coveralls as I ran to catch the bus each school day. 20 years ago I purchased my first beef cow and have learned each cow really needs 5 areas of land per cow. For 17 years we would raise a bull every 4-5 years and I quickly learned that is the best way to loose a fortune on each beef. Feeding the bull and cow makes raising a beef cow cost many times more $$ than it could ever be sold for. It was nice for the children see the calves born, but I lost thousands on each and every beef I have ever sold. So now that the kids have grown up, the last bull is long gone.

Think About It

    1. The bull and cow eat all day long, that requires 5 areas of land each, fence, taxes and cost of making hay.
    2. She is pregnant 283 days, if for any reason a calf dies, it is a major set back.
    3. At the calf’s birth, the bull and cow has eaten 566 days. @ $5 per day this would be $2,830 and if you include cost of land???
    4. The calf will nurse its mother until she has another calf. By 6 months old the calf will be eating everything, along with nursing. A Natural raised beef will be 2-3 years old and should be 1,400 pounds gross weight. Natural raised can take a year longer than a beef raised on corn every day. The corn can not be properly digested and this causes a fatty beef which is demanded by commercial butchers. They sale fat, not natural meat.
    5. If you ignore the bull, that weighs 2,000+ pounds and none stop eats, along with the mother and just consider $5 per day to raise and deliver to a butcher- 3 years is $5,475, plus the $2,830 (of the bull and cow eating) = $8,305.00 and that is “IF” you own your land and pay the taxes, build the fences, buy the tractors, mowers, bailers and barns and consider that as a ‘loss”. 
    6. All commercial farming is “subsidized” with tax $$$ and many vaccinations and injected hormone device and raised on GMO corn to produce a fatty cow loaded with undigested yellow – corn fat. Grass fed beef are rejected by commercial processors as inferior fat, they demand “hormone”developed beef raised with corn / yellow fat.
    7. Cows have multiple stomachs designed to properly digest grass, herbs, especially alfalfa which the Native Indians called Buffalo Herb, because Buffalo grew huge where the alfalfa grew.
    8. Commercial farmers all loose $$ on every head of beef, but if they “obey” with all the vaccines, hormones and raise on cement and corn–gov subsidizes them with tax payers $$. 
    9. No one can raise grass fed Natural Beef and ever break even, it is impossible, because no one wants to pay more than their mass produced/ cement raised / hormone / commercial beef. A few people will ask $2,000 – $4,000 per 2 year old beef, but the average person hates to pay more than $1,000 and few today have a freezer or cook their own meals—so natural beef is quickly fading away and gov pushing synthetic (faked) meat.


The common commercial steer is “sterilized” at birth, are given multiple vaccinations and raised on hormone drugs. Worse yet, these sterilized calves are “stunned”, they will reach 1,300 – 1,400 pounds and that is about it; while calves left fertile, will develop over 2,000 pounds. These stunned steers are butchered young and grass fed can take an extra year to reach weight, but people only consider the commercial price and not that natural cost much more $$.

How Old?

40 years ago my friend was a truck mechanic for a commercial meat packing company. All their beef was sold to a major food chain as prime beef. This beef was 100% commercial dairy cows. These cows were heavily vaccinated and people have full time jobs doing nothing but give thousands of dairy cows weekly hormone shots. My friend gave a me a walk through one night and I seen many plastic carts loaded with thousands of pounds of large blue colored tumors. He said the commercial dairy cows are loaded with cancers.

I have never seen or heard of beef cows having these cancer tumors and most likely normal / none commercial, small dairy farms do not have such problems. The younger the beef, the better the profits for the commercial farms. The average person buying store beef, are addicted to the corn that makes the beef fatty / soft. These young steers are actually “stringy”, but the accumulated corn / fat, makes them soft. The older butchers told me you can not beat a 10 year old / clean cow for the best hamburger you can ever have. At 10 years old, the meat is naturally softer and not hard muscle like a young steer. My last bull was 5 years old and over 2,000 pounds. None of the small butcherers will tackle a beef that large, so they tell you to send to the market where they will be purchased as fertilizer. They say the meat is no good (BECAUSE they can not handle such large beef), so they lie or are just ignorant. Based on their lies I tried to give the bull away for free, but no one could find anyone to process the bull, so I literally could not give him away. So farmers loose all that $$ when they get rid of their huge bulls for fertilizer. 

Finally a butcher said if he will fit in their building, they would butcher him and at 5 years old, he was the best beef we had ever eaten and that made me believe the one old butcher that said the 10 year old cow is the BEST. The only reason commercial farmers sterilized, vaccinate and raise on hormones, is so they can kill young and the fatty undigested corn makes the meat appear “soft” and fatty like people have been trained to want.

The young beef has no Brisket, like (the black cow pictured) you see on the front breast of this black angus cow. Her brisket is huge, as is she, because with no bull, she put on the weight and developed a full brisket, just like my 5 year old bull had. These 2 year old commercial calves are not “matured”, so their meat is “tough”, muscle. Natural fat comes with age, not a diet of gmo corn.

The butchers all say all beef 3 years old and older must be de-boned, because gov says old bones has too much lymes worms; in fact, all mammals are born with lymes and it has over 1,000+ different names based on which animal is being discussed. Butchers make much more $$$ when they cut out all the bones. So they all hate to saw a bone and leave it in the meat. We learned 20 years ago to have the entire beef de-boned and ground whole. The kids would eat whole beef, while steaks and roast, etc. would set inn the freezer. So I highly suggest ground beef—-throw out there heart, liver, etc. and only keep the good cuts and have it all ground into bulk beef. If you have dogs, feed them the heart, liver, etc. Many years ago some people use to eat the entire cow. We throw out all organs, etc. and only keep the good beef and the kids grew up strong on whole beef and never buy commercial meats of any kind.

The above cow is on  list that happens if someone cancels their appointment. For 2+ years, it can take a full year to get anything butchered. She could be butchered in a few weeks or take a full year +, it has been that bad since the 2020 problems that has made people return to raising animals and chickens for food once again.

The Last One

She is the last beef cow, a few months ago we had a identical beef cow butchered and gave to my elderly brother / mom, sister and her church, our son and his friend and they all said it was the best beef they ever had. People today have no clue what a natural 5 year old beef is suppose to taste like. Once she is gone, that is the last female that I will loose a fortune on. She is for sale, $2,000 and if that does not work, we will ask the same price we were getting 20 years ago; $1,500 and if that does not work, we are going to give a quarter to 4 pastors we know for free.

The Future

The last 3 “baby” calves I will ever raise!

2 steers and a female, 1/2 black Angus and 1/2 Hereford. The black Angus mother actually is still nursing 1 of these 17 month old steers, because she did not have a baby this year and never stopped nursing. Otherwise the mother would have weened their calf before she would have a new calf. These 3 three17  month old calves will be processed next March and are for sale. Their parents were drug free, vet free and raised on all natural pasture / hay and for a treat I give a scoop of none GMO, amish raised steer feed mixture that has some sorghum molasses that makes the cows stay friendly as they come daily for their treat. Some people would process these calves at this size, while waiting until they are 1,400 pounds allows them to “mature”. Naturally if they were kept till age 5+, they would be Premium in my opinion. Naturally if someone wanted a pet cow, they could purchase such a cow and keep it here for ever——and some cows, can possible live as long as 50 years…..and normally no one keeps a pet cow—but I have kept our first female cow and she can live her days out and one day be buried here. One adult is enough!

20 New Bees

Born January 2020

With no bull, the future is buying calves and not feeding the mother and father; this eliminates much of the yearly expenses and losses. These particular calves did not make the “cut”. They were taken from the show / champion mothers and her eggs sale for $3,000.00 each and I have not heard how much the male cost. these are then embryo planed in cows and kept 5 months. The wealthy show cattle farmers the choose what they believe has the best genetics and will win the next state championship. These facilities house the mother and calves 5 months and decide who will be the rejects—–most will be rejected, after many thousands of $$$ went into their creation. The ones that failed to make the cut—because their owner did not think it was the “prettiest”; are then sold for $500 per calf. So these 20 calves have the most desirable / professional “Beef” genetics in the country—-they were just rejected because another calf had a more desirable look. So these rejects are not “registered’, their counter parts that came from the same group of eggs, would be registered and if they win a state championship, would be worth a fortune, because their their eggs would be sold for $3,000 each.

I thought I lost allot of $$ and time on the calves I have raised in the past 20 years, but these “embryo” cattle farmers TRUELY are crazy and loose a fortune—the calf they choose out of their group—could easily have cost them $20,000.00 and most likely much more. If they pick 1 out of 20 and reject the other 19—wow, did that 1 calf cost them a fortune and in reality, no different than these that they hand out for $500 each as rejects. I would much rather have $500 in a 300# Calf than have $3,000.00 + at birth if I kept the mother and father on the farm.

People that buy from food stores—have NO IDEA how all that commercial walmart food has been gov subsidized so only mega gov owned commercial farms can produce the store ready product and the tax payers already paid much of the cost and there walmarts of this world can sale cheaper to all the city people as a method tom insure the gov can put all small farmers completely out of business for good.  

Small mom and pop farms get little to no subsidies from the gov., unless they are grain farmers or are in wet land set-a-side programs, etc. We would never want beef raised on GMO corn, standing on cement, injected with tubes of growth hormones and 1/2 dozen vaccinations…and gov will never support natural grown foods. They support the toxic production and that insures the natural farmers become extinct.

These 20 EMBYRO Babies are quite friendly, all females (I am done with steers) and for sale at any age a person would want. It does take 1 year in advance to make an appointment for processing.  They can be raised 100% grass / hay fed only or  100% non GMO amish steer feed or like I normally do—- if a person is serious about their food, they can obtain the best……

My original cow was the mother of the large black cow pictured at the top, she is a white faced black angus blend. She knows where to go, she understands the system—she has out lived all them all and now she is mother and teacher to 20 new babies.