Wild Oregano Oil

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Cold Processed / Wild -Mountain Top Harvested

Essential Oil of Oregano

Origanum vulgar L. (skin use)

Carvacrol 65.9%   /   Thymol 3.5%

Warning: Wild Oregano Oil must be properly diluted and understood, it taste and burns basically just like cayenne pepper–Thus known as THE BURNING BUSH of Noah’s time on the mountain. Humans raised on hot spices may like it, while people that have never consumed hot spices will hate it when they fail to understand it. It can take as many as 10 years before the burn affect fades away. Our children were raised on it starting as babies and one actually puts Wild Oregano Oil in his drinking water because he likes the flavor. Hot Spices take time to get use to. The hot burn is caused by our immune response, not because the spice is hot. As the brain gets use to Wild Oregano Oil it is no longer hot.

The King of Herbs, often called The Burning Bush of Biblical Times. One of the most researched herbs dating back over 100 years of studies. So popular it has been synthetically made since the 1920’s. The only way to appreciate this herb is to read the two Dr. Cass Ingram books: Doctor’s Guide to Wild Oregano Oil 101 Uses – 167 pages $14.95 The Miracle of Wild Oregano Oil – 249 pages $19.95

Steam Distilled Essential Oils have been made over 100 years, in recent times Herbs are subjected to high pressures and Cold – Extracted that makes the Essential Oils even better! Many Essential Oils today are cold extracted, but some can only be extracted using steam. When it comes to Wild Mountain harvested Oregano few people can work at that altitude and a typical “batch” yields about a pound of oil for every 60+  pounds of whole herb and a common batch is less than 12 gallons. Very few places have Wild Mountain Top Oregano plants or the people capable of harvesting them and very few facilities that can cold process- this is why Oregano Oil has been made synthetically by the 1920’s and most essential oil books warn that commercial essential oils may be synthetic and perfume quality.

Anyone with interest will read the 2 books, if not they should not seek to self-experiment with Wild Oregano Oil. This herb is used for daily for life in a properly diluted form. Real Wild Oregano Oil is great for all living life, including fish, plants, trees, birds, mammals. Not only the most powerful herbs on earth, it is perhaps one of the safest when properly understood and used for life. Wild Oregano Oil makes all other herbs “Better” in my opinion. Being the most beneficial herb on earth for all species; all people interested in herbal use, will read these 2 books.

Dr. Cass Ingram wrote 30 or so great books and Wild Oregano Oil started it all. He preached Wild Oregano Oil for so long that he was nicknamed Dr. Oregano. After using Wild Oregano Oil for 25 years I believe it is even safer and I have consumed far more than even he suggest in his books, I have never ever seen an ill result when used properly diluted.

True – Made Wild Oregano Oil will last a very very long time as the average daily dosage is as little as 1 drop per day! Herbal Blends of Wild Chaga Mushroom, Freeze Dried Royal Jelly and Cold Processed Wild Oregano Oil are the Rare Luxuries that take allot of time and efforts to obtain the “real thing”.

Dr. Cass loved 30+ various herbs.

Dr. John R. Christopher loved 100+ herbs and understood how to use 2,000 herbs.

The Best Herbs can be GREAT and if Wild Oregano Oil, Wild Chaga Mushroom and Freeze Dried Royal Jelly are only 10% as the books claim, they would still be amazing! Herbs are foods and proper diet is at least 1/6th the longevity solution. Sunshine, Clean Water, Proper Breathing-clean air, A great Chiropractor, proper attitude and love are all required to live long enough to understand the true goal of seeking the love of God within. If one lives long enough, they will understand they are poisoned in many different ways. Ignoring your health and handing your life over to strangers and a life of drugs, chemicals, dirty water and not caring for the body must end in disaster because the laws of earth are eternal and just for all. You only receive what you work for and believe.


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