Malcolm’s Story

Malcom is by far the most “documented” story of a person that decided personal health is high a priority. Malcolm is a worldly traveler with an interest in seeing and talking to anyone with a history in Longevity and improved way of life. With a job that enabled him to fly around the planet, he is one of a kind. I have been reading his e-mails and stories for the past 14 years and all of “our” great stories, start with the name “Malcolm”.

Malcolm 2021 (a)

Malcolm took us to the coolest caves in Thailand

The spooky Myst came out to watch us! Yet we never seen it until returning home and seeing how ‘it” came out to greet us and follow us around. I guest you could imagine this myst is the door greeter. Many such things are picked up on cameras and video, but not visible to the naked eye.


Malcom the “frog” master!

The Amazon



more to come