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3B. I don’t mean to pester, but I do currently reside in a body that’s underweight and unhealthy. My mental symptoms are the hardest part to suffer. Is there a step 1 or focus 1 that you believe is the first thing someone like me would do well to address?

Underweight and unhealthy!

This is a gigantic subject., Dr. Robt Jackson over 100 years wrote a Too Thin Book and suggested another book! Many years ago I took the time to make word files of those 2 and many other great books– in time I will put pdf books here. The rare – great books explains the problems, but there are a few simple remedies that make be miraculous–it just always depends on how toxic a person is? Are they on prescription drugs, vitamins, toxic drinks, toxic foods, harmed by electrical fields, etc., etc. etc.and even the hardest subject, what was their health while in the mother’s womb—all the endless subjects are the “unknowns”, but every human can live better! Then the bad subject when a person has no $$ to try a different path. Ideally you want to try everything – but that often means a person needs a good family and for 120+ year families have all been under attack. Only each person knows when their problems started and for how long and can estimate some of the “whys”.

Underweight naturally means the person must eat their way back to health- so it normally cost more $$ for the too thin people. If the face is too narrow, that is another huge side subject of the too thin people. It can all start at birth or even in the womb. So many unknowns and why the Dr that sees the subject for years, knows their history. I always suggest life long chiropractor, but staying 30+ years with 1 great chiropractor is not an easy thing to do today.

This website has allot about Royal Jelly and Herbs- when I get the pdf books listed here, I will give a list of what I would do if I had a too thin, bad sleep foundational problem.


Too be continued when time permits:


3A. Also on your website, you allude to finding a way simpler way back to health and that you stopped doing liver flushes years ago??? But I didn’t readily see anywhere what it is that you did?

Liver Flushes have their place, such as “emergency” or desire to “jump-start” a cleanse!

By 1920’s they were learning that lecithin rich plant / fruit oils would dissolve gallstones. The surgical books would give a paragraph how to dissolve gallstones and then 1,000 pages on how to cut it out. Lecithin was later called “cholesterol”. Long story short, lecithin protects the nerves, brain and arteries/circulation as well as the skin. A M.D. some years back wanted to cure his daughter’s MS. He died and left his papers with his wife and she gave it all to us- that M.D. had it medically written up and it amounted to this:

1 tablespoon daily for lifetime prevention.

2 tablespoons daily for treatment.

3. tablespoons daily for MS

(NOTE: No human would do this and because of that fact, I made an alternative Lecithin / Herb Formula for fun many years ago and I had no idea anyone would want such a thing and over years it became popular: Liver Gallbladder Cleanse! This formula actually was made in De-Wormer 8 strengths, but people only wanted the first formula. This method makes the best De-Wormer Method , but was just more than what people had interest in doing).

Based on the old surgical gallbladder cure and what that M.D. believed and doing the Dr. Hulda Clark 21 day Mop-Up Program I discovered the past Drs were correct and Dr. Hal Huggins (dentist) 1960’s studies about cholesterol were correct! We knew Dr. Hulda Clark very well at that time and no one believed in the Clark Liver Flush more than I did and had looked at liver flush results for 3 years at that time—I told Dr. Clark what I had learned while video taping her at her 2 day seminar in Kentucky…to my surprise she hated the idea and insisted her Liver Flush was the only method.

Dr. Hal Huggins books are all great and His study proving proper Cholesterol; should be 200 plus your age is not only great books, his very simple cholesterol cure-all, obeyed the early surgical books……..medical surgeons knew how to keep your gallbladder 100 years ago! When people go to Germany today, the drs still practice the 100+ year old Lecithin method and will not remove the gallbladder.

2 Great Books

Understanding Cholesterol / Lecithin is something medical/internet seems to be 100% ignorant on today!

2. Hey there, Longtime customer here. Wondering what the main difference is between the calcium balance and bfc capsules? and if there is an ingredient list for each product before I purchase? Looking for an overall supplement for calcium since I don’t consume dairy, but have been feeling the symptoms of low calcium, and can also see it in my weak fingernails and hair.Thanks so much!

BF&C Capsules:

Calcium Balance Capsules:

too be continued soon-


1. I hope you can take more photographs of the many different herbs and spices you grow on your property, like where you collect the various parts of the Black Walnut tree, where you get the root bark from the Apple trees, etc., to let your fans and customers appreciate just how genuine your products really are!

Apple Rt. Bark? The “only” reason we collected this “1” time was because when Dr. Shook, one of Dr. John R. Christopher’s great teachers was asked what herb he liked best- he said Apple Rt. Bark. Otherwise this is a very obsolete herb not used today and non-saleable herbs are a thing of the past. The hill behind my house was covered in very old apple and pear trees. It is clear that someone planted them a very long time ago. No house foundation exist anywhere near this hill. A very elderly man 25 years ago mentioned that when he was a kid, the nearby village would all walk to this hill each spring when the moral mushrooms grow and everyone would pick all the mushrooms they wanted from this small hill. The apple and pear trees easily could be 100+ years old. The pear trees are very tall and have small / hard fruit and the surviving apples are yellow and I remember there were some yellow apple trees on the other-side of the hill that are no longer there.

With out “history” of why Dr. Shook or anyone made use of Apple Root Bark this herb today is not salable. Dr. Shook was quite a famous herbal Dr. and for him to say he liked it the best, made it worth making “1” and because there was allot from 1 tree, I have allot. The theory has always been that eventually 1 day, someone will make use of, or if nothing else, it is a fun hobby.

With many herbs the various stages and many only exist for 1-2 weeks out of the year, such as:

The “Males”

Horsetail Grass is said to be an ancient herb- the males appear first and then they spread their spores and then they die as the females rise out of the soil.

The “Male” Black Walnut Buds

The Black Walnut Male Buds appear first for all the trees in the area and last about a week.

Books have or could be written on each herb!

As far as pictures showing my local herbs, most are within 100 yards in any direction and then within a 1/4 mile in all directions, there are endless herbs with human health “fame”. Historically old farm houses often had the best close herbs written on the back of the bedroom closet door. That way new owners would understand what herbs are within walking distance.

The 2 rare pictures are just examples of herbs that you just can not walk outside and find, unless it is the correct time. This website has many herb pictures outside my house. Because you asked in July, the following pictures will be examples of herbs, of which most are mature!

2024 / July

Black Wild Elderberry

Picture of a rare fungus that grows on elderberry plants

Elder Berry Flowers

Black Berry

Garden Parsley

Garden Basil

Wild Mullein

Wild Yellow Dock

Wild Saint John’s Wort

Wild Cedar Berry

Wild Chaga Mushroom (Canadian Border)

Spearmint Tea drying

When I asked David Christopher his favorite herb He said this herb.

David said His favorite drink is Sugar Cain Juice

Most of the herbs pictured in this website were found close to the house. Many are found in the nearby woods. A Majority of Dr. John R. Christopher’s 100 most favorite herbs are within walking distance; while the mountain and desert only herbs are not found local.

The herbs I consume the most of, every day are from 500 – 10,000 miles away! I consume a minimum of Royal Jelly which is developed from flowers by bees and that comes 10,000 miles away as does Wild Mountain Top Oregano Oil. Dr. John R. Christopher wrote his American Books with the theory of living under your own fig tree, that is; your local herbs. Most every country has a wide variety of herbs for human health; they suggest as many as 20,000+ herbs world wide. On the bazaar side of herbs, there are still people that believe Herbs can talk to them.

To picture all the local herbs around the property would fill this website and many of the best are already throughout the website, if you have particular herbs you want pictured, that would be best.

The Black Walnut Tree

Dr. Hulda Clark made the black walnuts very popular, prior to her books the black walnuts had very little popularity. Dr. Clark was an expert advertiser and making unique products to sale. She capitalized on the black walnut shells as a de-wormer source. Sadly they are not popular in southern California and she told me she would drive to Arizona and literally use a scoop shovel to fill a pick up bed and drive back to California. I would be surprised Black Walnut trees grow in Arizona because they love lots of water and rich soil. Walnuts once on the ground are black or 1/2 black. I got her to at least agree that walnuts should be picked from the tree and be at least 50%+ green. Once I set out to learn about Black Walnuts as a de-wormer, I read that Germany did the studies pre-1950 and that the black walnut is a good de-wormer and the younger the walnuts the better!

This is the “Perfect” Size for using Black Walnuts as a De-Wormer herb!

Mature and 100% Green is Still Great and can be used even more!

German Studies suggested that Walnuts collected from the Top of the tree, 60+ feet high and on the North Side were the Best of the Best!

The German studies suggested the Male Buds that appear for a week in the early spring to be superior!

These are not sold commercially due to lack of interest.

Using a 65″ Bucket truck, I can manipulate the very tall Black Walnut Trees!

Abused trees are known to become stronger, more resistant in an effort to survive the abuse!

Chopping their tops off, should put the trees into extreme defenses!

Notice the green leaf, “if” 1 or more green leaves are not left, the tree will never grow another leaf, but if I leave at least 1 leaf, the trees completely restore over time!

The majority of the trees on my property are Black Walnut Trees.

I chop all their tops off!

Many trees are great herb sources in North America, the entire Black Walnut Tree can be used for lumber and the leaves, bark, twigs and nuts useful for human health!




To be continued: