Summer is here

June 2021 is the return of the Cicadas, they say as many as 1.5 million emerge per acre of land. In our area the Leather – Back Turtle is so rare that i had never ever seen one and i have played in creeks and ponds my entire life. In the same creek at the exact same location we seen the miniature fresh water eels, we discovered our first Leather – Back Turtle, which appears to be mature. Wild Cedar Trees are very common in my area, their berries are eaten by birds and spread all over the land. the cedar berries are the only herb Dr. Christopher believed can dissolve stones in the pancreas, making it a highly priced herb. Less rare, but just as valuable for human health is the common Juniper Berry.



For many years I have explored water, herbal, air therapies and created more herbal formulas and methods than most anyone has, much of which does not exist in books. I have always believed in the private in home personal hospital / recovery / rejuvenation room. One thing I have wanted r0 self-experiment with has been the “Floatation” Tanks. I believe the float tank theory can be advanced into many different forms of rejuvenation methods. Float tanks can cost anywhere from $3,000 – $35,000+, my version will be an old farm tank, the first step was to cut an opening and make it perfectly clean. The creation and many experiments will eventually be fully explained in the “advanced” education page. 

St John’s Wort grows wild all around my property, it is a highly prized herb in Germany.  Mullein is now Matured. Red Clover is a superb mineral source herb. The entire Black Walnut tree can be used by an herbalist, the walnuts can be used very immature as described in the 1940’s German Herbal Studies. The Kildare birds lay their eggs in gravel, I have never noticed one setting on their eggs. They go to extremes to try to lead predators away from their nest. Echinacea Flowers are a well known herb, I use the roots and flowers. “IF” you cut the flowers off, they will bloom all summer up until snow. Many flowers are like this, if you cut them before they develop seeds, they will keep blooming.