Lower Bowel Balance (LBB) “Read First”


Lower Bowel Balance (LBB)

The most famous herbal powder blend on the planet, dating back over 120+ years, starting in Germany. Lower Bowel Balance Herbal Formula is one herbal formula that every human on earth is a potential customer and every human on earth would live better “IF” they understood the herbs and used properly for a lifetime. Out of the thousands of well known herbs around the world; LBB is a must have and wise people would have a lifetime supply kept in their freezer and a lifetime supply for their children’s lives. If a person could only have 1 herbal formula in a lifetime; it has to be LBB, nothing else compares. A must during pregnancy and for every human on the planet that does not have the idea diet. LBB Capsules makes the Dr. Howard Hay M.D. Way Orange Juice Fasting Cure for All; 10x easier and in my opinion, 10x better than Harvard, Yale and Rockefeller back in 1950 could have ever dreamed possible. LBB Capsules are always used “First” when adults try self-experimenting with herbs and herb formulas. Until a person understands the proper lifetime use of LBB Capsules, they will never understand herbal use as taught by Dr. John R. Christopher; America’s only world war 1 herbal Dr and best historical American herbal Dr. / Teacher. As great as LBB Formula is, it is the gateway to understanding human health.

Why stock pile lifetime supplies of herbs you love best? Proper herbal use is lifetime use and due to inflation, when purchasing products, the price goes up yearly. One example: this formula uses Golden Seal Rt. and today Golden Seat Rt. can cost as much as $150 per pound. The commercial sources that make those tiny bottles of small herbal capsules are never going to follow formulas that use expensive herbs and more likely their plastic bottle and label is the most expensive part of their product. Today, not only is inflation driving prices high, it can take 6+ months to collect all the proper herbs and have large 00 veggi caps made and only 1 source in North America is famous (among the Amish) for packaging in large family size 500 count bottles and uses no radiation.

Lower Bowel Balance Capsules

LBB Bulk Powder

Dr. John R. Christopher perfected the LBB formula over a lifetime. His Master Herbalist students not only learn about herbs and herbal making; they understand Dr. Christopher’s herbal history and should understand that people that consume a lifetime of herbs and spices will often consume more hot spicy herbs than a younger person will, because hot spicy herbs loose the hotness as the human brain accepts the hot spices over time. After 100 years the LBB formula had stronger cayenne added, because Dr. Christopher loved cayenne powder. His students should have learned how to properly make and continue to “adjust” Dr. Christopher’s 60+ favorite blends and in the case of LBB, the cayenne needed to be adjusted backwards 50+ years to perfect it to the point pregnant Amish mother’s loved it. When it comes to LBB Bulk Powder, all the  bulk powders have Cold Processed, Hand – Picked / Mountain Top  Wild Oregano Essential Oil. Great as a preservative and the world’s best Essential Oil that every living life on earth can live better if they consume daily for life—not just mammals, but all living life on earth does well with daily Wild Oregano Oil. Naturally other great Essential Oils such as Cold Processed Clove and Cinnamon Oils can make all herbal powders “Better” in my opinion. The Issue with LBB Powder, it is the only herbal blend I use that must be made into capsules for use. Only those that enjoy filling their own capsules like saving $$ by buying bulk LBB Powder, that and the bulk powder is easily kept in a freezer for a lifetime. Bulk LBB Powder may in fact be the greatest LBB ever made! Less than 1,000 people on earth understand that and if more than 1,000 people sought LBB Bulk Powder or Capsules made correctly- it would be difficult to obtain that much powder on a yearly basis. Each year the great herbs jump in price or worse yet, they are no longer sold and much be found in the wild.

LBB Jr. Syrup / Tinc.  / Bulk Powder / 500ct and 150ct capsules / LBB Adult Syrup / Tinc.

The great fasting expert that discovered some of the LBB herbs.

Dr. John R. Christopher was given the theory and he perfected the formula over his lifetime. He taught his students to continue the “perfection”.

Dr. Christopher proved the formula was The “Best” and the greatest mistake was when other companies altered herbs to cheapen it, even worse, the bad companies added laxative herbs to the LBB formula; something Dr. Christopher warned against! The LBB formula is so perfect, I have had no need to alter it for the past 25 years. Cold Processed, Mountain Top Harvested, Wild Oregano Essential Oil (The Burning Bush)is the King of Herbs, but when added to LBB Bulk Powder, it makes the King of Herbal Powder Blends the number 1 in the world in my Opinion and I could make it any way possible and I believe as my Teacher, it is the first herbal formula and lifetime herbal formula–when understood and used correctly before; all other herbs are to be self-experimented with.

A lifetime supply for adults, would typically be 1 bottle per year.

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Lower Bowel Balance


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