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Disclaimer / Warning: Herbal Blends are Adult “Only” Self-Experimentation Use Only! No one taking drugs, vitamins, commercial supplements or suffering from any form of illness or “ALLERGIC” to anything, should-not be experimenting with “Unique” Herbal Formulas. Unique Herbal Blends are for “experienced” and “advanced” self – experimentation use only. Not for pregnancy, children substitution for medical treatment. These are one of a kind herbal blends offered as “extras” for those that enjoy unique herbal blends. There are no true suggested dosages, each adult knows their health and personal goals for them selves and only they can decide what dosage works best for them. When in doubt, do not buy or use! 

There are hundreds of past, herbal blends in herbal use history. Many are no longer sold commercially. Many of the North American herbal formulas exist in some book or on some label. If you are looking for something obsolete / rare and know what herbs were used, there is a chance I can make something close to it, or something even better.

Most herbal products are “unique” and or making past-famous herbal formulas; “My Way”

All herbal products are “very” limited supply, actually, some are bottled / made after ordered. Formulas are so unique that no 2 batches can ever be exactly the same. All humans are at a different degree of health, so no two people will have the exact same results or expectations—-herbs are or should be, just herbal foods offering “unique’ assortment of herbal minerals and nutrients. I 100% believe the 1957 Co-Q10 scientist best understood how the diet, stomach, liver, blood systems functioned, but their product in 1957 fell short and large herbal blends are the best way to offer what the common diet is lacking.

I have been self-exploring herbal history since 1990, I believe herbs are never more than 1/6th the solution and only when there basics are improved upon in each person’s life, will they live-better and all people can live-better in my opinion. I have made hundreds of unique herbal blends as I self-teach my self about herbal use. Much, if not most of what I make is unique to me and found no where else. Most formulas are stepping stones in my learning process. At least 90% of what I make has never been tried by anyone and even though it may have been “great”, it becomes part of the past. Only what sales can be made a second time. When something great is learned, all future formulas will be made “better’ if possible.

Everything I make, I make for my personal education. With each year, I become more use to strong cayenne, spices and powerful herbs that 25 years ago would have been too potent for me as a “beginner”. It impossible for me to know what a “beginner” will experience taste and result wise—they probably will need to dilute and start with small doses. ALL Formulas I see as GREAT VALUE, i will always have a “Base” formula for first time self-experimenters. Then I will have a B,C, D or 2,3,4 x stronger formula based off the base formula for beginners. Literally I have made 500+ options and when it comes to combinations, the variations can number into the thousands. That said, when people have more than 3-10 products to choose from, they become confused. For those people I make All-N-One Concentrated Paste Formulas, but since those formulas are designed to “taste” (and save a person a fortune $$$ wise) the normal person does not like them and find some reason not to try—mostly using “taste” as the excuse or the cost,

  1. “IF” $$$ is an issue for you, stop and leave this web site, adult herbal self-experimentation products are not for people that work for a living or those that believe in health insurance or use medical. If you work for a living, use your hard earned $$ to buy better foods, cleaner drinks and follow the Dr. Howard Hay Way that uses true diet and not what people normally call “herbs”. These types herbs are for a very unique small group of people–often just 1 person on the entire planet and the formula may have been made 20 years in advance “waiting” on that one person to appear at the right time.
  2. 20+ years ago people felt more free to tell their personal results, today, almost no one does and that makes it impossible to advance formulas beyond my personal use. “ALL” stories people will send, will be kept “nameless’. Names have no meaning. If something is great, I will have more interest in it, if people say nothing, then that formula slides into the past.
  3. All sales are to American addresses only. Taxation and shipping experiences account to well over 50% of all products, due to everything being custom made and often a few or none will make an order and that product will become part of history. 90% will never be tried by anyone. Making these the most unique herbal products there are. I make them for myself and if anyone wants, I make extra, it is that ‘simple”. Those that have read my books years ago, will understand the most.
  4. It is a mistake and waste of time to search for customers- customers find us.if you find us, you probably already understand there are no mistakes in life’s journey and “everything” has to happen and you would want it no other way. I had to type this, just as much as you had to find it. “IF” you need your $$, please do not buy anything. Please use your $$ wisely and correct your diet the best you can. These herbal blends are for adults well experienced and searching self-longevity education!

To start this web page, I made my version of the most famous herbal Liniment in North American History.


To be continued