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True “Steam” Distilled Essential Oils of Herbs

Steam Distilled Herbal Hydrosols

True Steam Distilled Essential Oils of herbs, sadly few that have purchased commercial essential oils, ever get the true product, most all commercial sold products are synthetics or acid made or various chemical creations and anything but True Steam Distilled. I am writing a book-like pdf that will explain essential oils.I believe there is much more to herbal uses than the commercial authors have any clue about, about all of them are paid to create products and markets and not understanding of human health.

There are as many essential oils as marketers can create and once started, they always have to be synthetically made and the commercial product has no herb in the process. I believe there are many great essential oils with many benefits to human health and for all living creatures and even plant health. One herb stands out as king to me, but those that make all the True Essential Oils, say there is one other essential oil that is better. I have plenty of that very unique herb, but for 20+ years I have believed in one herb as the king and the rarest picture below, actually got the person that took it for me, fired from his job. 

According to my friend that took this picture, these are “original” Wild plants harvested a very long time ago from the mountains where they were made famous as the Burning Bush of the old testament bible. The plant is nicknamed the Burning Bush because it has a very hot / spicy taste and when made as an essential oil, it is very spicy like cayenne pepper. The Modern name is Wild Oregano Oil. Commercially in Turkey the wild plants were raised in fields and eventually synthesized. while the plants in this picture were planted a very long time ago on a protected mountain side at the correct altitude to recreate their ideal environment and i suspect these are the “real” plants used for making True Wild Essential Oil of Oregano, while everything else sold today is commercial synthetics. The synthetics are sold as several degrees of hotness, which is a clue they are selling synthetics and can sell as many barrels as the world markets can sale. REAL Essential Oils have 1 season, 1 grade and when they are out, they are out till next season. Synthetic suppliers mass manufacture in labs as much as they can flood the markets with. On average it can take 50 pounds of herbs to create 1 ounce of essential oil and allot of people and machines in that process. 

This is a small example of the machines required to produce True Steam Distilled Herbal Oils.

This too is a rare picture of the fields required to make 1 herbal essential oil and it takes thousands of acres to make all the essential oils and freeze dried fruit powders. It requires an enormous amount of people and work. The commercial world selling tiny bottles of essential oils are most likely lab created synthetics and they have an endless supply.

I personally do not believe everything I read about herbal products, the best information is pre 1900 and i do not trust much written past 1950. Everything has to be self-explored by each individual and they decide what is true for their use in life. The past history is at best a GUIDE and no one knows what each food / herb is good for in each person’s life. I believe the 1957 Co-Q10 scientist understood human function best and that suggest only the brain, liver, blood “knows’ what it will make use of and what results will happen. “IF” anything the authors / books, teachers are trying to preprogram the brain to ‘believe” in a product. The greatest education is listening to people that have a herb for the very firs time and not know anything in advance, that way the brain learns own its own and gives a true result.

I have self-explored True Wild Oregano as much or more than anyone on earth for the pst 25 years, I would bet my life on True Steam Distilled Wild Oregano. I have told people that they would be wise to have 1 quart of True Wild Oregano for every adult in the family, with all that has resulted since 2020, I would say 5 gallons per family would be the wisest choice. That and with inflation, not only does everything go up in price, since 2020, many of the best things, are no longer available. The 2 herbal products nI would never want to be with out, is a lifetime supply of Lower Bowel Balance Capsules and True Wild Oregano. Lifesaving, longevity foods, are worth more than gold.


to me continued